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April 25, 2018

Charlie Chat: Jersey Shore Edition

I know hope that I'm not the only thirty-something person watching the new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, so in the spirit of fun...which is what Charlie Chat is- let's ask some Guido- themed questions today.
why yes- that is Charlie and I dressed as Jersey Shore cast members for Halloween 2011.
If you are new here, this is how Charlie Chat works-I ask questions and my husband, Charlie, answers them. The  questions are in bold italics, Charlie's answers follow and my commentary, if any, is after the *asterisk.

The boys like to GTL every day- gym, tan, laundry. What 3 things do you make a priority? 
I'm assuming that the time honored tradition of fist pump, push up, chapstick is off limits? A perfect day for me starts with cooking a big breakfast for the whole house, adds in a cruise with the windows down and the music up and ends with a Cuban in front of a fire...so CCC? Cooking, cruising, campfire?
*Sounds about right Charlie, I like it.
Although the crew is from Jersey, they spent one of their TV seasons in Italy. What's one country you want to travel to?
 If it came down to just one place, I would also choose Italy. I wanted to go there for my honeymoon but...someone didn't want to go to all of the historic places for their honeymoon...they wanted a beach...
*I don't know who you are referring to- I just like suntan's and tasty beverages.
Speaking of travel, they also went to Miami for a season. What's your favorite thing about Miami? My favorite thing about Miami? Not living there. Seriously...worst place in America. I'd rather vacation in Flint.
*He's crazy. We visited Miami together once, when we were there for Superbowl weekend. Everywhere was crazy busy (like you would expect) and Charlie did not enjoy himself. He's never been back, although I have...I'm okay with a girls weekend ;)
At the Jersey Shore house, the gang has a duck phone they make calls on. If you could have a home phone of any animal, what would it be?
 I think a sloth phone would be the bee's knees. When Emelia got Bella's heartbeat in a stuffed animal, she chose a bunny...vetoing my vote for the sloth. Some say I'm still bitter.
CABS ARE HERE! One of the guys' favorite things to say, obviously. Where's one place you would take a taxi or Uber after a night out? 
The only place to go after a night of debauchery in Erie is Pano's. You can get a steak and eggs combo for like 8 bucks. Is it good? Is it bad? Who gives a crap, its 4am!
The gang always enjoyed a nice family dinner on Sunday. What's your favorite Sunday meal?
 I'm a sucker for a nice pasta dish with cheesy garlic bread. I think that's my Italian heritage but I'll let you know when my Ancestry.com DNA kit gets here on Jerzday.
*Sidenote-on Friday night it was 10:12 pm and Chuck said he was falling asleep on the couch and needed to go to bed. So we did, and minutes later I  was reading online and he was snoring. Out of nowhere at 10:33 pm he wakes up grabs his phone and is scrolling...up to something. I ask him what he's doing and he told me that the Ancestry.com DNA kits were on sale today only for 40% off.  LOL- Charlie is such an old man.
While at Seaside Heights, the Jersey Shore cast worked at the Shore Store- a local souvenir place on the boardwalk. What's one souvenir you like to pick up when you travel? 
I'm always on the lookout for snowglobes for Ethan. Even though he's too cool for most things, he still seems to appreciate these and displays them in his room. I'm also always on the hunt for shot glasses for the Mrs.
*My shot glass collection is pretty legit friends, come over for a drink!

Hope your week has been great and full of sunshine- thanks for joining us today. Leave a comment if you want to boost my husband's ego even more...he likes that.

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April 23, 2018

Have The Courage

Last week I saw a silly meme on Facebook that brought me back to my childhood. Memories of when you were younger are usually fun- because you can look back on them on laugh.
Like the time I peed my pants on the way to Sea World because I was so excited. No, I'm not talking about that this time. The meme said something about making up dance routines with your cousins and I remembered when I would dance in the yard to these ridiculous dances I made up on the spot. 
I can't imagine how I looked- yellow boom box on the sidewalk, probably some Janet Jackson blaring and little Emelia bopping around the front yard looking like a fool. I had no rhythm. But, I had courage. The courage to not care what anyone thought. Boys from my school would drive by sitting in their parents car and I didn't bat an eye...just kept on dancing. 

As you become a teenager, and then an adult sometimes you lose courage- due to some of your own fears, things you may have read about, or someone telling you that you shouldn't do things. It's so silly- but unfortunately it happens. You let these things get inside your head and stop you from following your own path and keeping those quirks about yourself that make you unique. 

I have a friend who dated several men throughout college, and after and always makes me laugh. She has a lot of fun with life and I remember talking to her one time and asked who she was currently dating, when she replied "Myself". I thought that was great and she went on telling me how she went to the movies alone, went to dinner by herself and basically did things that many would do with someone else, with herself. To me, that took courage, but to her- it was a re-discovery of herself. Two completely different perspectives on one, simple thing. 

So, I encourage you to have the courage to do something that may scare you, or make you anxious, or do something that will benefit someone else that could really use it. It is not always easy- rarely it is, and you may not even accomplish it the first time...but I consider courage taking a step towards your dreams or your fear. 
For those of you figuring out a plan to get out of the place you're stuck, for trying a new meal plan, anyone attempting to find more time in the day to exercise, to kick the caffeine( I could never), or simply get out of bed in the morning...you can do it. Have the courage you did when you were that little girl walking in to pre-school for the first time, be the boy who walked up to another and made a new friend...life isn't easy, but it's full of moments to make yourself proud.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and even better week. 
*Some of you may have noticed, when I blew up your inboxes this weekend, that I am way behind on comments...but I see them and THANK YOU for your beyond kind words on last week's post. I've sent so many texts to Chuck as messages have popped up from so many wonderful people. We appreciate you and thank you for always being so sincere and amazing! 

April 20, 2018

5 Fun Target Finds For Spring

Happy Friday everyone-! It's been a weird week- feels like it's dragging, but at the same time I'm like oh heyyyy Friday you're here so soon, not that I mind one bit.

Today I'm sharing 5 fun Target finds for Spring. Anything to get me in the mood- considering we had more snow here Tuesday. Mother Nature- if you can hear me, I'm sorry for whatever we did to upset you. Can we bring on the sunshine now?!
*there are affiliate links in this post*

This adorable ruffle tank is in my cart and needs to make it's way to my doorstep soon. There's a few different color & print options which is nice.

I was able to score the  Hunter for Target ankle boots and obviously got them in pink! I don't have a good shoe for rainy days and needed to change that. My Target app said that they were in stock at our store on the release day- only to find out that they were wrong, but at least I got some Chick-Fil-A breakfast to make up for that disappointment. I heard they re-stocked things Tuesday and was out and about so I went in and scooped them up- yay!

I love wrap dresses and this one is so cute and I think very office appropriate too. Throw a cardigan over top for those cooler days and you're set to go.

Off the shoulder tops are something I hope never goes out of style- I adore it so much. I love the colors this comes in and it's one of those great easy, breezy tops.

The SUGARFIX by BaubleBar line always has great pieces and I love love LOVE these gold hoops. A fun twist on a classic is always a nice option.

Have a wonderful weekend- and I hope it's WARM wherever you are! Enjoy- xo!

April 18, 2018

Tough Times Don't Last-- Tough People Do

I was thinking not too long ago, about how a friend of mine is going through a difficult time with something in her life and I don't know how to help.
It's hard to always have the right answers or the best thing to say during those rough patches throughout life, but I think reminding someone that you are there for them helps. I'm a big believer in that mindset determines your situation. 
Do I have bad days where I swear and yell after I hit a pothole that destroys my tire? Oh heck yes. What I'm saying is that it's not always easy to be positive, but you can change a situation simply by shifting your mindset. I read this quote earlier this year and it totally made me realize that- tough times don't last, tough people do. It said "Your worst day could be someone else's best day." It's all about perspective friends.

I've talked about something Chuck dealt with a few years ago, and he gave me the go ahead to give you details that I'm about to. I wanted to share this because there is A LOT of ways September 2016 could have went...but I think the way you approach a situation and deal with it can help you. My husband was just about to turn 36 when he had a stroke. We still don't know the root cause, which is scary but he actually had two of them. It's a long story that still makes me cry every time I think about it, but he woke up the day after our anniversary trip to Boston and his left hand and arm felt numb...one thing led to the next and we find out that he had one stroke on each side of his brain and lost the ability to most normal day to day functions. He worked with therapists to learn how to walk again, cook in the kitchen, and even had to re-take a driver's test. 
We were obviously very scared when this all happened, it was a shock to our entire family- but I can't imagine how Chuck felt. His attitude and perseverance always amazes me, but especially in this situation. It's shocking to hear of someone that young having a stroke (yes babe, I called you young for once- you're welcome) but imagine having to learn how to walk again. That can be a hit to your ego, and he put so much time and effort in to all his therapy to get back to functioning as he would like again. 
When we were going through this as a family I remember being tired, and forgetting things but kept thinking- Chuck is the one dealing with the most, and to be fortunate this wasn't any worse. I read a lot during those few months and came across something that basically said- tough times don't last, tough people do. It was a wonderful affirmation and a good dose of perspective that I needed. 
My husband made a full recovery from his stroke, and is still the positive man he always was through that difficult time. 

The point of all this is to remind you that exact thing- tough times don't last, but tough people do. You will make it through a rough patch if you're in one. There's always sunshine after the rain- and yours will be coming if it's not here now. Take a deep breath, maybe a nap or cry it out in the shower and then re-gain your perspective and remind yourself how tough you are. You've got this friend!

Hope you're all having a great week, and remember to smile because you're a bad@ass ;)