Dream Big & Buy The Shoes

September 23, 2016

Fall Wish List

It's FALL ya'll! My favorite season is finally here, and what better way to ring it in then sharing my Fall Wish List?!

I have always loved olive, but when Fall hits I want to buy all the green things. These distressed olive skinnies are so cute and the price tag isn't bad either.

This black wrap has been in my Nordstrom shopping cart for a while now, it's so versatile I need to just bite the bullet and buy it.

First world problems are when you can't decide which red lipstick to get. I have a few darker NYX shades that I love, but I'm digging this shade from MAC, what do you think?

Pretty soon (hopefully) I'll have my new iPhone since I'm due for an upgrade. I am going big with the plus this time around and will need a new case. I love the simplicity of this Kate Spade one, her tech cases are always on point.

Last but not least, the shoes! I have a few pairs of these Toms booties and they are insanely comfortable so I think I'm going to get the herringbone ones since I have had my eye on them for a while now and they hold up so well.

Before I go, I want to introduce you to one more thing I am loving this fall...and that's Rebekah from Rebekah & Co.  Let's get to know her better with a little Q & A--

Let's start out with something easy. I love cupcakes. What's your favorite treat?
Pizza or French Fries!

What is your biggest dream? Don't be shy, you know we love to Dream Big in these parts.
To one day be able to drop everything and travel the world!

Traveling gives me complete happiness. If I could play Oprah & send you on a trip, where would you be heading on a jet plane?
Norway! I want to see the beautiful fjords and northern lights!

What's your favorite thing about your blog & why?
It's my creative outlet to share my craft projects, adventures, and just general thoughts. I like having a place to write down my thoughts and share them.

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Hope you all have a great weekend! Tell me...what's one thing on your Fall Wish List?

September 21, 2016

The Final Recap & My Favorite Pictures: Wedding Wednesday

There's a reason I saved these pictures for the final recap of Wedding Wednesday, it's because they are my absolute favorite. If you know me at all, you know I am O B S E S S E D with the sky. Sunrise, sunset, clouds, colors...it all makes me extremely happy.

I've mentioned a time or two before in these wedding recaps that we didn't want pulled from our reception and celebration much at all to take pictures, so we did almost everything we could during cocktail hour. When our photographer came to us moments before we cut the cake and asked us if there were any more shots we wanted, I said yes...sky pictures. He responded with "Well we better go quick because the sun is about to set."

We immediately walked outside to a grassy area close to our venue to enjoy the sky. When we got these pictures back from our photographer, they were the last ones in the 626 that we received and you know what they say...save the best for last. Pictures can almost always capture a sky perfectly like in these ones, but there's something about seeing it through your own eyes that is extra special.  I will never forget spending these moments with Chuck looking at the sky that night. I know my Mom made the purple in that sky on our wedding day, it was her favorite color and another reminder that she was there with us.

This was the perfect moment for Chuck and I to take a few minutes away from the craziness inside and enjoy the company between just the two of us. We talked about how perfect everything was and couldn't believe that our wedding day was already almost over. Everything was such a dream come true.

Actually, it's my best piece of advice to any Bride on her wedding day. Take a few minutes to sneak away from the celebration and spend some time with your partner. Reflect on what this day means to you, and maybe take a picture or two to remember it all years later.

I want to thank each and every one of you- whether it's here, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter...all of your sweet comments mean the world to me. I sit in front of my computer and get the biggest smile on my face reading what you have to say about our wedding day.
I didn't know how much of our wedding I would share when I started recapping it all, but your support kept me going and made me realize that it's wonderful to have it all here as another memory to look back on. I wanted to end near our anniversary and planned it out so that the final recap of pictures, details and moments from our big day was around our anniversary, September 26th. So here we are with the final post and I definitely have shed some tears writing this one. Just like our wedding day, I don't want it to end.

Chuck and I enjoy reading what you have to say and if I could give all of you a big hug through the screen I totally would. We've laughed, we've smiled and definitely loved sharing these pieces of the Best Day Ever. Thank you for making every Wedding Wednesday so fun for me,  I love that you have enjoyed all the recaps and pictures so much. It's so special to me to share my dream day come true through my blog, one of my other big dreams.

I'll be back a time or two to share some more advice and tips I learned while doing my own planning. You know I can't just completely stop talking about weddings.

All my love...until another Wedding Wednesday comes along, thank you for reading!

 Wedding Wednesday in week's past...in case you missed it:

Details & Vendors:
Photography: R. Frank Photography
Cake & Cupcakes: Allie Cakes
The Dress: Bridal Elegance
Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka (similar)
Bride's Clutch: Rent The Runway
Groom & Best Man  Shoes: Nike Lockwood
Flowers: Afloral (handmade bouquets by the Bride)
Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way
Bridesmaid Earrings: Frou Frou & Frill
Butterflies: Shallowtail Farms

To Travel & Beyond

September 19, 2016

Exploring the Cleveland Botanical Garden

This Summer we took a day trip to the Cleveland Botanical Garden and I can't rave enough about the beauty of this place, especially for the inexpensive price tag to get in and explore.

Conveniently located close to The Cleveland Museum of Art and Cleveland Museum of Natural History the Cleveland Botanical Garden is a year round facility that is open Tuesday through Sunday with plenty of areas to make your way through.

There are 11 garden areas and an indoor glasshouse with 2 areas to walk through. We started indoors at The Eleanor Armstrong Glasshouse in the desert area that is home to a chameleon and several other reptiles and plants. If you love greenery and exotic plants, this is the place for you. You can get an up close and personal view of so many amazing things.

things to do in ohio

cleveland attractions

cleveland garden

Moving on to the rainforest area was super exciting because this was the part of the visit I was most looking forward to. Butterflies are released daily and they float everywhere around you. Talk about beauty...I did not want to leave. There was one particular blue butterfly that was so cool and the only unfortunate part about this area is the fact that it's difficult to capture a good picture of them because they flutter away too fast.

kid friendly cleveland

butterfly garden cleveland

Next we made our way outside to check out the many garden areas. One of the main reasons for our trip was to see the Branch Out display. Six magical treehouses were created this past Summer at the Gardens each representing a different theme encouraging interaction, creativity and fun.

cleveland treehouses

While all of them were incredibly interesting, my favorite one was Seasons. Seasons was like a library in the woods, set right from the scene of a good book. The reading room had tiny individual shelves built in the wall with books you could read.

Another treehouse, the Light House was right by this one with yellow, blue and red colored windows so that you could experience nature in unique colors. There was a little book stop set up with a free library. They encouraged you to take a book, sit down and relax then return the book to the stop when you were done.

Along the way we stopped at the Elizabeth and Nona Evans Restorative Gardens and were immediately cooled down on this hot day. The area provided some shaded areas along with a reflecting pool and some lavender and mint to smell also. There was a large wall with plants in interesting places and some cascading water. We sat and relaxed for a while in this area, and I was instantly relaxed,  and could have probably stayed in this one area all day.

things to do in ohio

Call me a kid at heart, but The Hershey Children's Garden was the coolest place I have ever seen to something in this degree. Between all the bright colors, the quirky oversized decor and the cool tree houses, I felt like I was in a fairy garden or some amazing children's book.

cleveland ohio

I was amazed at all the cute areas they had for children as far as houses to explore, gazebos to sit in and tree houses with aerial views to relax in. Ethan even laid down in the treehouse for a little break to look up at the sky, too cool!

They were offering a great tree climbing activity with ropes and guides that Ethan was able to enjoy. It was a nice bonus and something else for the children to do, and all of the workers were so nice and helpful which was great.

I was pleasantly surprised with how inexpensive it is to visit, considering all the areas there are to enjoy. Tickets were $11 for adults and $6 for children 3-12. Anyone under age 3 is free. For more information about the Cleveland Botanical Garden there is plenty of information on their website.

September 16, 2016

5 Ways to Prepare for the C Word

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.
I know you may not want to hear it. But...it's coming. The C word. Should I dare say it? Christmas.

saving money for christmas

In case you weren't aware it's 100 days away! Yup...we're almost in the double digit countdown. I'm the type of person that starts early. Part of this is because I'm crazy, and part of it is because I love shopping and gift giving. I get over the top excited about celebrations. I know it's not all about the gifts, but when you find great deals and amazing things you know your family and friends will enjoy--what's not to love?

As my Stepson gets older I have found he also gets a little more expensive, especially when his birthday falls the week before Christmas. Planning especially comes in handy this time of the year because not only are we shopping for the holidays, looking to give back to those less fortunate, prepping for our annual Thanksgiving dinner we host...we also have lives to lead which include going to work all day, doing homework and tending to household duties.

Today I want to share a few tips for preparing for Christmas that anyone can do, even the men.

1. Make a list of everyone you typically buy for.
- I do this in the notes section of my phone. It's something I always have on my and I won't lose it. I also can be sure that no one will find this list either, so no peeking eyes!

2. Gather ideas of gifts.
-This may be easier said than done, but let me explain how I go about this. Is there something that you know they love? One of my nieces loves Shopkins. I was shopping at Target the other day and found some Shopkins sunglasses on clearance, boom...Christmas stocking stuffer. Put things as simple as activities they enjoy, things they may have mentioned the last time you were together, items they may need.

3. Browse Groupon Goods.
-Let's talk about those expensive teenagers again. My Stepson wants a new laptop this year. While I think it's a great purchase, the first thing that comes to mind is...one too many dollar signs. But, did you know that Groupon Goods has computers? I didn't, until now. Talk about a great deal! Guys, Groupons isn't just for coupons or local savings on a gym membership. Computers, computer accessories, and so much more. Now instead of dollar signs I'm seeing that heart eyed emoji guy...you know the one I'm talking about. I can't express my love for Groupon and the ease of finding SO many unique gifts on their site enough!

4. Keep an inventory of what you buy.
- I TRY to be done shopping with 90% of my list by Thanksgiving. It doesn't always happen, but it's possible. I keep track of what I buy on the note section of my phone also. I love knowing that I can check people and things off early and truly spend the holiday season baking cookies and goodies, doing fun things with my family, and relaxing at night by the tree wrapping gifts. When I'm not stressed out about how I'm going to get Christmas shopping done I can obviously enjoy everything else more.

5. Think outside the ((gift)) box.
-Christmas gifts don't always have to be items that you wrap. Be creative. Give things that last longer than a few uses. How about a yearly pass to a museum? Naming an animal in the wildlife? A handmade coupon book? There are so many fun things to dream up for your family and friends. Maybe you get the whole family involved and contribute to a larger gift wish for someone on your list. The options are endless, have some fun with gift giving.

Be sure to check out Groupon on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the awesome deals!

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Happy Shopping friends!