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June 22, 2018

Friday Favorites- What's In My Amazon Cart

Happy Friday everyone! This week has seemed to fly by- and I'm okay with that.
Bring on the weekend and more Summer fun, right?! I thought it would be interesting to share what is in my Amazon cart right now. I am so nosey and one of those people who love to see what's in your purse and planner, and all that good stuff. So here's what's in my Amazon cart right now! *There are affiliate links in this post.

Oogiebear ear and nose cleaner for baby- I've seen this once or twice, and it seems pretty awesome. It's so weird how easily babies get ear wax, and a washcloth doesn't always clean it the best. Sorry, just being honest. I have to try this out!

Frywall splatter screen- Nothing is worse than when cooking sauce on the stove and you take the lid off and it splashes everywhere, this splatter screen will solve those problems.

Nursery Fresh diaper pail refill- We have a Diaper Genie, but got a heads up from a Babies R Us employee, when shopping once that these work just the same- for a fraction of the cost. We stocked up when our local store was closing, but we are close to being out. 

Langria Garment Rack- We have a smaller garment rack, but I think this would be great for outfit planning for the week- or preparing for vacation. I'm not sure that it's a necessity, that's why I haven't hit purchase on this one yet.

Carrington Farms Flax Chia blend- I am way overdue on making my favorite delicious protein bites, and I can never find this stuff when I roam the aisles at the grocery store. Amazon always saves the day ;)

Kernel Seasons popcorn seasoning- Someone shared on Instagram a few weeks ago various combos using these seasonings. I LOVE popcorn when we are at home watching movies, so I can't wait to try these!

one-shoulder striped swimsuit- I'm a huge sucker for things one-shoulder or off the shoulder and I need a fun suit to keep up with Bella. Girlfriend has way more bathing suits than me at 8 months, ha-ha! I love this look!

ZOHZO car seat travel bag- Honestly, I hadn't even heard of these until this month when a blogger shared hers before going on their family vacation. What a genius idea, as those car seats can be a pain to manage while at the airport, mainly once out of the infant stage. I think we will be purchasing this before our next trip.

That's all for today. I hope you all have a great weekend- the first one of Summer! Tell me- what's something on your Amazon list?! 

June 20, 2018

5 Simple Things To Focus On This Week

Life gets so crazy busy during the Summer months, doesn't it? But usually it's a good crazy.
There's weddings, and parties, and picnics...and jam-packing all the fun in to a few short months where the weather is consistently beautiful (hopefully). I look at my planner and go in to panic mode about what's not getting done around the house due to our busy schedule. But instead of worrying, I encourage you to focus on other things. The not so overwhelming things. Forget about the daunting things.

This week, you should focus on:

- all the wonderful people you have to celebrate life with. Our planners are full because we are in the company of amazing friends and family. Cheers to that!

-sunshine and great weather. Go enjoy it. Get outside and soak it up!

-the fact that you have a job. If you are overwhelmed with work, please take a minute and be thankful that you are employed. Others may not be so fortunate right now.

-love. Sometimes you can't love everything about your life, but think about all the things you love. We wake up given an opportunity each day. Those opportunities look different for different people, but we all have something to love each day. 

-taking advantage of the good moments. We go through things- sometimes it may be arguing with a loved one, or being stressed about your income, or not being able to agree on something big with an important person in your life. Those aren't the only moments our weeks are made up of- so we need to take advantage of the good moments and live them up.

I hope you're all having a great week and enjoying the sweet moments of Summer! Tell me, what's one thing you will focus on this week?

June 18, 2018

8 Months With Baby Bella

I feel like it was just last week that I was sharing about month 7, but here we are halfway through June and on to 8 months with our sweet Bella.

It's been another fun month full of lots of fun times playing, traveling and good times! *there are affiliate links in this post. 

Loves: Bella loves eating her toes- it's so funny to watch. She's always making silly noises and being funny- she keeps herself entertained for a long time :) Bella enjoys going to the Children's Museum, seeing new things and people watching. Daddy made her pancakes after she tried some one morning when we were out to eat and she gets really excited to devour them!

Not a fan of: peas, getting her nose or face wiped. She's pretty chill and easy going, thankful for that!

Sleeping: like an Angel still. She takes some really long naps during the day occasionally and then still sleeps through the night. We are blessed with a great sleeper.

Feeding: Bella loves to eat and is doing great with her bottles and reflux. There's the occasional spit-up, but for the most part she's pretty normal now in terms of her belly and issues. She loves trying baby food and has loved every single thing we have given her, with the exception of peas. Not a fan of those!

Stats: We don't go back to the doctor until next month, and I didn't bust out a measuring tape LOL, so I'm excited to see how much she's grown when we go back! She's in 6-9 month sleepers, and I swear she gets longer every day. She's finally in mostly 3-6 month bottoms, her waist is so tiny!

Favorite Moments and Things I Don't Want To Forget From Month 8: I took a week off before starting my new job and we had so much fun going on plenty of walks and visits to the Museum. Bella went to her first birthday party with friends, enjoyed her first visit to the river and my Dad's boat and loves playing. She's on the verge of crawling, and although she's not quite there yet- she is always on the move.We took a trip to Cleveland, one to Toys 'R' Us (her first and last I'm sure), watched her first soccer game cheering on Ethan, Ribfest and lots of fun in between.

Products We Are Loving: Blue Lizard Baby Sunscreen- sunscreen is a debatable topic, but this is the safest one I've found based on her age.
Tag blanket- Bella is a huge fan of tags, loves playing with them and chewing on them. This isn't the exact one she has, but it makes her happy.
Gerber yogurt melts- I tried these before puffs and they're nice because they easily dissolve in her mouth. We like getting her used to the texture and type so we give her a few of these and puffs at mealtime.
Gerber puffs- Sweet potatoes are Bella's favorite- so of course she enjoys these. We waited another week after the melts before trying these. I enjoy them too ;)

 My sweet Bella Charles, every day with you is so much fun. I love watching you grow- keep being silly, wild, sweet and wonderful YOU!

Happy Monday friends- hope your week is wonderful!

June 13, 2018

Let's Talk About It

The recent tragic deaths due to suicide of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are just that...tragic. I know the news and stories about these things are everywhere right now, but we need to keep talking about it.
I'm not sure if you've seen this woman's Facebook post about Kate Spade, but she mentions how society has made it okay to talk about breasts and testicles (related to cancer) but not the mind and the chemicals and hormones released and how it's all processed. It's normal these days to overlook depression and anxiety or to tell people "to just calm down" or to smile and push their illness aside. We don't look at these things as illnesses, but as attitudes or issues and that is not okay.

Let's talk about it. You can overcome depression, but it can also still be a daily thing that you have to face and deal with. Looking in the mirror and changing your attitude isn't that simple when it comes to these illnesses. They overcome you and take over the current state of mind that you are in. 
I personally deal with anxiety and am on medication for it. I've never tried counseling, and I think in some ways it may be beneficial. You don't know until you try, right?!
I had a post drafted back in January for the blog, that I recently deleted. It was about thoughts I was having at the time and opening up to share them to you. I didn't publish it because I was embarrassed, but anxiety isn't anything to be ashamed of. I still get these thoughts, but only occasionally opposed to how they were taking over my mind. I'm not a professional in this field, but based on my thoughts and feelings and actions I believe this is a case relating to my anxiety.
Thoughts of me dying and not getting time to see my children grow up takes over my mind sometimes and it got to the point of me being so sick that I couldn't move. When I was on maternity leave and had the time to sit around, I would hold Bella for as long as she would let me crying, sobbing and making myself hysterical. I'm sure that this is due to my own Mom passing away at 43- I'm 9 years that and it's terrifying. It's so important to savor every second of life and enjoy each day, because you don't know what tomorrow brings. This also means taking care of yourself. 
My friend Lindsay talked about this and she's so right. Self care is more than bubble baths and pedicures. It's digging down deep inside and listening to what your own body and mind need. I'm so guilty of juggling way too much at times, and there are days when it takes a seriously long conversation with myself to not touch the mess or do laundry. Just be. 
We all have things that we struggle with- LET'S TALK ABOUT IT. Don't push your feelings to the side. Don't feel embarrassed. We are there to celebrate the good times and double tap the button on Instagram, let's be there for each other and talk about these important issues. Check on your friends, but also check on yourself. One day at a time.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for showing up to read what I have to say. Thank you for letting me get these things out of my head. I once again am way behind on blog comments, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate each and every one of you that take the time out of your day to be here and share your thoughts. Have a great day friends, Xo!