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December 9, 2016

4 Ways To Use Old Christmas Cards

Who doesn't LOVE getting mail? Call me old-fashioned but when I open the mailbox and see a handwritten envelope I get really excited...well, that and the fact it's not a bill. Christmas makes me extremely happy opening envelopes full of holiday cards and seeing couples, friends, families and their sweet babies and fur babes.

But what do you do with all those cards afterwards? This includes all the extras you have of your own cards, because no matter how close you try to plan to the right amount...it just doesn't happen. Today I'm sharing four ways to use old Christmas cards. All of these DIY's take less than 10 minutes too...I call that a big win.

Inside An Ornament
1. Cut card in to thin strips making sure to try and include any words there may be on it, including names or the year
2. Curl with scissors or your finger
3. Insert strips in to your ornament ball alternating by colors if you have multiple ones
4. Put top back on to seal and attach a ribbon in a bow to complete the look
5. Adorn on your tree and smile remembering the memories

As a Magnet
1. Cut out silhouettes from your card or a smaller shape such as a heart, star or smaller rectangle
2. Attach a small magnet to the back of the shape with hot glue
3. Hang on your surface (I choose the refrigerator) and smile every time you walk by

In a Binder Ring Book
1. Collect Christmas cards
2. Punch a small hole in the top or side of each one
3. Slide on to a binder ring to create a book
4. Display those beautiful faces and places on your coffee table or entertainment stand

As an Ornament
1. Cut the card in to a fun shape
2. Punch a hole in the top
3. Put a ribbon through the hole and tie a bow on top
4. Hang from your tree and make yourself or your friends and family local celebrities in your own home

I love that each ornament brings back fun moments of the years that have passed and can hang around our home all day long.

Here's to new memories, fun and easy DIY projects and not throwing your loved ones' faces in the garbage can on December 26th!

December 6, 2016

November Favorites

How is it December? This is crazy. Another month has come and gone and it's time to recap my favorites from November. I really enjoy sharing my finds around the Internet, moments from the months and some fun links that hopefully put a smile on your face. 

My monthly favorites are always some of my favorite posts to write because I love looking back on the fun that was had and sharing things I've come across during the month. Be sure to join Macy and I and link up to share your favorites, goals, moments and recaps!

Favorite DIY: If you don't want to spend the dough on a flocked Christmas Tree, Kristyn is showing you how to do your own and it seems pretty awesome.

Favorite Fashion Post: Color Me Courtney is such a great spirited blogger and always makes me smile when I read her posts or am scrolling through Instagram. She shared some fun fall jackets full of color and different styles- and I bet by this time of the year some may even be on sale.

Favorite LOL post: I seriously went in to this one like "This is great. I'm going to help myself." I came out cracking UP because Chelsea is awesome. Her tips to have a completely stress free Thanksgiving are the best, if you missed them earlier in the month, then save them for next year.

Favorite Party Idea: Anyone know Tara from the fashion blog Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes? Well if you do, you know she has amazing taste. What you may not know is, so does her entire family. I follow her Mom and sister's on Instagram, and Rachel (the oldest sister) throws the coolest parties for her kids and the family. I am dying to get an invite someday. Her daughter just turned 13 and had the cutest party theme- a fireside birthday soiree...complete with blanket scarf favors and fur pillows on the chairs. I can't get over the cuteness and can't wait to borrow the idea someday...I think girls of any ages can enjoy this one!

Favorite Gift Guide: They're EVERYWHERE, but this one really had a ton of great ideas. Who doesn't love picking up something fun for your BFF?! Caitlin really knows style and cute things, so all of these ideas are worth checking out, and most are under $35!

Favorite Recipe: Emily always comes up with some great dishes and this one sounds amazing too. I love a lightened up recipe and  this Turkey & Eggplant Lasagna is one of those. If the people in your house don't eat eggplant (like my husband) that just means...more for you!

Favorite Purchase: I couldn't wait. You may have seen my Holiday Beauty Wish List but I needed that Nutcracker lipstick....like yesterday. The lip scrub is totally worth it- smells and tastes amazing. 
A photo posted by emelia💜 (@emeliaanne_) on

Favorite "new to me" Post: Guys, I've read so many posts where people talk about these things called podcasts...and I've never listened to a single one. I vow to change that after some great recommendations from Kathleen. Side note: Kathleen is absolutely hilarious, inspiring and seems downright fun to be around. Her blog- Carrie Bradshaw Lied is one of my favorites to follow and I never get sick of her on Snapchat. Let's be honest, sometimes I just skip through the snaps where people are talking for 8 videos straight...can't take it. But never with her. Check out her Favorite Podcasts of 2016 for some cool podcasts to check out.

Favorite Instagram Hashtag: When we buy a house I have big HUGE dreams of having a little cubby area in the kitchen to make the most amazing drink nook. Mugs, my Keurig, some hot chocolate in big clear jars and more. So naturally #drinkstationlove is the latest, best and coolest hashtag I found on Instagram and so far I've only lost about 3.5 hours looking through the beauty of people's fun drink areas. Proceed with caution: you will get so lost in the greatness that you may not get work done today.

Favorite Moment: Decorating for Christmas. It can take a while to haul all the decorations and get everything just how I want it, but it's such a good feeling to have it all done. I did it early because it seems to fly by quicker each year and work is so busy that I can't imagine doing it after a long work day.

I can't believe the next time I hit publish on a Favorites post it will be a new year. I hope you are all soaking in the magic of the season and enjoying every moment. Have a great week!

What are some of your favorites from November? Share your monthly recaps, favorites and moments with Macy & I and link up below!

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December 5, 2016

One Hour At A Time

If you've been around for a few months, you know that something happened with my husband not too long ago. I've never said it out loud without welling up with tears, so most days I try not to say it at all and there's just some things I want to keep vague because they're not only my story to tell.

I lost my mom at 17 years old and it was absolutely devastating. There's nothing like losing a parent, and I don't think the pain ever heals. But something happens when you're an adult. You're at a completely new place in your life and you realize how much more precious life really is. You have children to protect. You have a career and obligations to tend to. Life is way more in your face than ever before. 

The day Chuck was rushed to the hospital with this recent scare, I felt my heart sink. I sat in a room not knowing what was going on and looked up from my phone in the midst of updating family members to four doctors standing bedside. I lost it. I only remember crying and the feeling of hopelessness...not knowing what to do and clueless on what was going to happen next. It was like nothing I can properly explain.

Ten weeks sounds like a short time in the grand scheme of things and while it's been a long ten weeks for me, I can't imagine what it feels like inside my husband's head. This past week he took every diagnosis, every what if, every "well we can't guarantee anything" and gave them a big middle finger. Mentally, I see him stronger ever than before. Physically, he's made leaps and bounds. It's amazing what ten weeks can do.

Last week to top off all the good news he's been getting, we scored last minute free tickets to Martina McBride on her tour that came to our city. We had found out earlier in the week that she was coming in to town and after hearing Chuck talk about how much he wanted to see her I was pretty bummed out I couldn't make it work and take him to the concert. Within four hours of the show, we got tickets and were there. As I listened to the only song I knew she sang "This One's For The Girls", I couldn't help but have a big sappy smile on my face.

I remember the first time I heard the song in college and laughing thinking ...this is my theme song...living on dreams and spaghetti-o's wondering where your life is gonna go. Thursday night...ten years later I was sitting next to my husband who's overcome so much in the past ten weeks listening to that song in person. Turns out life is pretty amazing. 

Ten weeks can make a huge difference and ten years can make an even bigger one. I was pretty scared of what the future would hold and how we would move on from Chuck's recent scare. I don't know that I'll ever have some big master plan that comes to fruition. And I'm finding out that's pretty okay. 

If you're having a bad day, it will get better. If you're having a bad week, I promise a good one is ahead. If you're struggling and can't do anything but cry...I get it. Life isn't easy...I'm sure it's not meant to be. Fight. Push. Breathe.

One hour at a time. One day at a time. There's a new possibility out there opening up every second.

December 2, 2016

My Favorite Places to Shop for Christmas

When it comes to Christmas shopping I have a handful of favorite places I like to visit that I always know I can find perfect gifts for a variety of people on my list. I'm someone who loves gift giving and especially find joy in personal gifts.

Preparing for Christmas can be a daunting task if you're not ready, and I mean beyond a list of who you have to shop for. There's a handful of trusted favorites that I shop with and always know I can find great gifts for the Holidays.

Uncommon Goods  You may have seen my Gift Ideas for the Cozy Homebody recently and that cool mug with a hoop can be found on their site. I have found gifts for my husband, friends, parents and new homeowners too...they have so many unique options. This DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit is adorable and I think someone on my list definitely needs it!

Groupon I am totally on board with somewhere that offers variety like Groupon. I can't tell you how many gifts I ordered from their site this year. I can't spill the beans quite yet because I'm pretty sure some of them may be reading this right now...but I'm talking great personalized gifts for SO cheap. I got things for our baby niece, some things for my in-laws and grandparents, and maybe one thing for us because it was such a steal. I could browse the deals on Groupon all day.

CaseApp I'm a sucker for cute phone cases. I like to switch them up with my moods and think that a case sometimes explains your personality. CaseApp has custom iPhone case's you can design and the process is SO easy unlike some other things I've made online. Their process from start to finish is seamless and turn-around time is extremely fast which is always nice when ordering a gift. 

I made this custom iPhone case for my new iPhone 7 Plus and personalized it with my initials. CaseApp has a bunch of preset designs or you can make your own custom iPhone case or custom laptop skin. 
Case's are always nice gifts because they are a fun accessory on something you typically use so frequently. This case is super cute for Winter and I love the whimsical designs. 

CaseApp is so awesome that they are sharing a discount for all my readers. To get everyone ready for the Holidays, you can use the code DREAMBIGXMAS20 for 20% off your order on CaseApp.com through December 15, 2016.

I hope you all have a great weekend and get everyone on your Nice List finished soon...Happy December!