August 7, 2019

Summertime Charlie Chat

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today, we have a special treat on the blog...Charlie is back- tell a friend.
I decided to do a poll on Instagram to get some questions submitted for this edition of our Charlie Chat. It's been a popular "series" on the blog, and I know how much the man behind the scenes enjoys it.
In case you's how this works: 
My questions are in bold italics, Charlie's answers follow and my commentary, if any, is after the *asterisk.
Charlie is my husband, also known as Chuck, the Instagram husband and blog's biggest supporter.

Before we get in to the Charlie Chat I want to thank you SO MUCH for your messages, comments and feedback on Monday's post about anxiety. It's overwhelming at times, but to know that there are others out there that understand and offer support truly means the world to me. I open my heart up to help myself grow and learn, but also to help others. On to the questions...

Do you think you and Emelia's Mom would have a good relationship? 
I'm sure we would...from all the stories I hear, she thought Emelia was just as extra as I do. I think we'd spend some quality time listening to great music and lamenting all of the crazy Emelia stories from growing up, into our courtship and now in marriage and parenthood.
*I am 1000% extra, take it or leave it Charlie.

What is your biggest wish for Bella in her life? What do you see Ethan doing 10 years from now?
My biggest wish for Bella is that she gets to grow and succeed in a world that values her. I want her to be strong and fearless and fierce and I want her to be appreciated. She has such a sparkle in her eyes and I hope this place, as terrible and scary as it can be sometimes, never dulls it. I think in 10 years, Ethan will have figured it out...I'm not sure we know what "it" is right now, but he's going to be passionate about something and I think that he'll throw himself completely into it and its going to be magical.
*Couldn't have said it better myself.

What do you love most about Emelia (and you can't say her booty) and why?
 My favorite thing about Emelia...where to start? I think my favorite thing is that she loves hard. She's passionate about a lot of things and when you're in, you're in. I am confident that she would do ANYTHING for me and the kids, no questions asked...well maybe not NO questions, but minimal first. Then its a barrage, but initially no questions...let's party.

How come you weren't up in the sky with Ethan and Emelia parasailing on vacation? 
Let me answer your question with a question...what's the biggest bird you ever saw? Flying 10-15 pounds? Big ass things don't belong in the sky. Its unnatural. You know the worst way to die? Drowning. You know how to make drowning a touch worse? Falling 800 feet into cement-like water that breaks every bone in your body, causing you to slowly sink to an underwater abyss...where you drown. Eff that ess.
*I personally had a BLAST parasailing...twice. You missed out, Charlie.

What do you do for work? I know you work in insurance with Emelia, but what does a typical day look like for you? 
Currently I am an Business Process Analyst. My team works on continuous improvement projects as well as innovation projects. Some of the stuff we do on has a real impact on our customers during a very trying time. Most people don't think about how they would react after an auto accident...that's my job. I put myself in our driver's shoes every day to make sure when that moment comes, our team has thought of everything...getting you and your family off the side of the road and to your destination, getting your car to the shop quickly and getting you back to normal as soon as possible. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and its also the most difficult. I have a bunch of meetings to make sure everyone who could be impacted by these changes has input and awareness of what we're trying to do. I'm constantly mapping new and existing processes and seeing what works and what doesn't. We fail a lot...but we win a lot too. I truly feel that the work our team is doing matters. Plus there's a pretty girl in Underwriting that has lunch with me sometimes and comes to visit when she needs junk food. And I'm on the kickball team.
*The things he does are way over my head. #ProudWife

Which Becky is your favorite, Charlie? 
No chance, pants. Charlie loves all of his Angels equally.
*I didn't ask this question, Charlie!!!

What's your favorite Starbucks drink? 
Depends on the season, obvs. Chrimmathai is all about the gingerbread latte. Summer is nothing but strawberry refreshers, light ice, sub lemonade for water. In between is white mochas. Call me basic if you must but I'm next level. Bonus answer...the chicken sausage biscuit breakfast sandwich is up there with the best fast-food breakfast out...even if it is like $7.
*What a bad basic bitch, no mention of pumpkin spice anywhere ;) I know this isn't about me today, but my favorite Starbs drink is a Gingerbread Latte, sorry Fall.

That's all for today- thanks to those of you who sent in questions and made my job easier and to Charlie for taking the 12 minutes away from watching The Office to answer these.
If you have any questions you'd like Charlie to answer next time, leave a comment! Thanks for reading- have a great day.

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