May 20, 2019

What I'm Packing for Vacation

As of today, we have less than a month until family vacation!
Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

I thought I would share what we are packing and some things I hope will help when it comes to traveling with a little one. We are headed to Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks with my husband's family and we are SO looking forward to it!
Gadgets to make the trip easier:
We have not used one in the past- no need yet, but I purchased this little pop-up shade tent for the beach. This will be a good place for Bella to nap if we don't want to leave the beach, or somewhere safe and cool to wind down or eat her lunch.
Last month I grabbed this portable sound machine when we went to my in-laws for Easter. As Bella is getting older, at times it's harder for her to get to sleep when she's teething or a little off. This worked like a charm- it has lullabies, water noises, white sound and a timer if you'd like to set one. Such a good buy!
Bella's Easter basket was a sand pail, but I also picked up this 7 piece beach toy set with bag so that it all has one place to go. How cute is that bag? Under $5 for all these toys is a steal-especially since she's so busy!
We are driving to the Outer Banks with a toddler...are we nuts? But with that being said, we are bringing an iPad mini for Bella to watch some vidoes (she loves Cocomelon on YouTube- cute videos about manners, going to school, making friends) & a kid friendly case attached because she's clumsy like her Mom ;)
I always bring along my Evian facial spray during a warm day, so I'll definitely have it with me on this trip as a refresher!
Recently I read a tip to use baby powder to wipe sand off easily from children, so we are definitely stocking up on that.
When we went to the Outer Banks a few years ago, we packed a lot of dry goods and brought a wheeled cooler and each couple in the family made dinner one night. It saved us money, was fun to do something different and we only ate out for one big dinner which was great. We are definitely doing that again.
Always in tow is my Swell bottle to keep my water nice and cold all day long in the sun!
What I'll be wearing:
These sunnies are so good- I love the brand and have a few other pair from them, gotta love a great Amazon find.
I bought this casual stretchy dress and will be getting every other color..ha-ha! It is so comfortable and cute- perfect with a casual sweater or denim jacket at night.
A friend recommended this swimsuit and I picked it up- I hadn't purchased a new one in a few years (oops) and I am thinking about getting one more that is similar since it's not like I wear them year-round and they'll go bad.
Always a must is my big sunhat (similar to this one from BP)- I love it for blocking out the sun when I feel like I'm getting too much.
For Bella:
I was browsing Nordstrom Rack online and could not resist this precious two-piece Kate Spade rashguard set. I wanted one with long-sleeves since we will be seeing a lot of sun during the week. I love her in blue, so I had to get it!
I am so thrilled that jelly sandals have been back on trend. Seeing littles wearing them makes me so happy. Needless to say, Bella has about 3 or 4 styles this year. These jelly mary jane flats are my favorite- and only $5! Wal-Mart has cute, more original jelly style ones that we have too! Speaking of jellies- I just grabbed these water shoes for her that had great reviews and are super cute too.
Old Navy has had great deals lately, I picked up this $6 easy jersey dress to specifically match a bow she has, but she can wear this all Summer long!
I got this adorable outfit for Bella months ago and can't wait for her to wear it. The pants just scream beach vacation to me :)
When it comes to sunscreen, I love Blue Lizard for the kids, but I also grabbed this Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Stick for easy application when they're coming in and out of the water. I'm sure this will help with a wiggly little toddler!

Are you planning a vacation this year? What are some of your essentials?!

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