May 31, 2019

My Favorite Songs to Exercise To

Exercising isn't always an easy thing for me, but I've been trying to do better.
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash
I was on the treadmill a few weeks ago. Sidenote: having a treadmill in our garage is a helpful motivator. I literally only have to walk downstairs to get some exercise, so I can't put it off that easy.
But, I was on the treadmill and a few songs came on when I realized, I always listen to a variety of the same songs when I exercise. They help me breeze through minutes on the treadmill, which can otherwise be boring.
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The biggest thing, is finding things that work for YOU. For me, it's the treadmill since we purchased one and it's in our home. For others, it may be working out at a gym because of the community motivation. Whatever it is, do it for you and because it feels good!
I'm also sharing some workouts and challenges I found on Pinterest that I've been enjoying. The treadmill workout I did twice in a row and LOVED it- the time passed by so quickly and I got a good sweat on. I love daily challenges too- they keep me accountable and push me to get stronger day by day.
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Keep in mind, these aren't edited songs ;) I like a mix to keep it interesting, everything from rock to rap and BRITNEY, B*TCH!!
Hope you better WORK ;)

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