May 15, 2019

Books I've Read Lately

I've been doing a good job of staying on top of reading and hitting my goal of at least 1 book per month.
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I frequent the library and really enjoy reading, so I hope to keep up with it over the Summer. I've tried audio-books, but for some reason just can't get in to them or focus enough to stay on track- and I really love holding a paper book too! 
Here's what I've read lately-

Far From The Tree 5/5
This is a story about 3 siblings who don't know each other at first, but find each other at just the right time. Grace, Maya and Joaquin were adopted and the story is absolutely beautiful. I love how it was full of raw moments and feelings, and I even cried reading the last several pages. Happy tears slowly fell from my eyes as I turned each page. Grace is in high school and gets pregnant and through putting her baby up for adoption goes looking for her own family. She finds Maya, who's full of energy and things to say and dealing with her own family issues. They then together find their brother, Joaquin who's been in and out of foster homes for 17 years and has a painful family story of his own. All of their differences come together to take on something bigger and help one another. This is an amazing story of love, real-life issues and a modern list of problems. I highly recommend this one!

The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers- still in progress. I have had this book for over a month. I love Fred Rogers, but it's hard to get in to. I hope to have this finished for my next review!

Matchmaking for Beginners 4/5
Marnie McGraw is an average woman who is engaged to the man of her dreams. She then meets Blix Holiday, her fiance's aunt at a holiday party who tells her that her world will change. Her marriage takes a ride for the worst and through it all some more craziness happens, like when Blix passes away and she finds out she inherited her brownstone in Brooklyn. Marnie learns so much about life, love and the people who need you through the next few months. I thought this was such a slow read to start, and then fell in love with the book- hence the rating I gave it. Such a cute read that made me smile.

This thriller didn't stack so high on my list, and it's due to the confusion of characters throughout the story. There is a group of women who call themselves the May Mothers- they all gave birth in the same month and meet regularly with their children. They talk about motherhood, their new lives with their children, and everything in between. They agree to meet without the children for an evening of fun and drinks at a local bar, and while out one of the babies is abducted from his crib. The story gets really good as the group goes to lengths to help one of their own find her son, but again...the constant naming and in depth stories about characters had me confused and I was constantly trying to keep things straight. It was a good story overall, but I think it could have been written better so that it was a bit easier to follow.

This one didn't rate so high on Goodreads, and I was surprised. I loved this book! Written by the same authors from the wonderful bestseller, The Wife Between Us this suspenseful book lived up to the hype in my opinion. A make-up artist who's struggling for money does some digging at a job she books and ends up finding herself in a psychology study. She thinks she will go, answer some questions, get her money and leave. What Jessica doesn't realize is the crazy experience the mysterious Dr. Shields is about to take her on. Dr. Shields puts her up to the test on many occasions, but is also paying her with wonderful rewards. What will happen when the reward isn't worth the risk? I LOVED this story and couldn't read fast enough to find out what Dr. Shields was after in this crazy experiment. Jessica tries to get out of it more than once, but it doesn't work which makes the read even more interesting. Every time I thought I figured something out a more interesting twist or surprise happened, which while reading a book is such a great quality to have as a writer. The authors did a good job with this-such a good book!

Another love, so many good reads lately! I had heard so many people talk about this book over the years, and finally picked it up from the library. I had a hard time getting in to the first few chapters, but after that I flew through it. A story of love, glamour, and fame with plenty of drama. The last few chapters were some of the best, but there's twists throughout that keep you very intrigued. Think of it as if Marilyn Monroe hires someone to write a tell-all about her life and all the juicy stories within it...that's this read. I really enjoyed the perspective of Monique, the writer Evelyn hires to write her book- it's gripping and enjoyable. This is a wonderful book, check it out!

What have you read lately? I have a few books on my radar to read next and can't wait to share them soon!

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