April 15, 2019

My Favorite Multi-Use Beauty Product

I was getting ready the other day and thinking about how much I love this product.
Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash
I also realized that I haven't shared all the wonderful things about it, and today that changes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how many uses there are for the MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ and am so excited to talk about how I use this product. There are affiliate links in this post.
MAC Prep & Prime Fix + is a hydrating spray that has a variety of benefits and now comes in more than one scent. The original scent is a soothing herbal that is so refreshing- I would take it in all day if I could..there's also coconut, rose and lavender options too! The newest scent is the Cherry Blossom and it's getting rave reviews...I can't wait to smell it.
It primes your face. I start my day with the MAC Fix+ by spraying 3-4 times to prep my face. The formula is filled with vitamins and minerals to help soothe and enhance your makeup. It's perfect to use before a cream based primer to help your makeup apply smoother. I have found that it helps wake my skin up and get my day started right. Sounds corny, but the scent is seriously amazing, so that helps too.
It's a great refresher. Hot day have you feeling blah? Stressed out? Need a pick me up? The MAC Fix+ is heaven sent, a wonderful way to refresh the skin. Revive yourself with a few spritzes!
It helps apply shadow for a more intense look. I spray a few pumps of the Fix+ on a liner brush, tap it in to my eye shadow and use it for a liner on my bottom lash line. I'm not one who any longer lines the bottom of my eyes with a black liner, but sometimes need the added boost to help me look awake. #sleepygirlproblems It also helps more glittery, metallic shadows stand out and stay in place along with the assist of an eyeshadow primer.
It's great for hydration. Those Summer days where I don't need a thick moisturizer the Fix+ is my go-to for hydration. It's just enough to provide a soft sheen and prepare my face for the day's makeup. 
It helps your makeup LOOK better. The Fix+ is great as a setting spray, while it's not fully intended for that it does a wonderful job of locking your makeup in. I don't feel cakey after applying a full face of makeup and then a few sprays of the Fix+ after and have a nice dewey look. It helps your makeup stay all day too!
It soothes your skin. Have allergies? Join the club-ha! Redness, exhaustion and allergies are no match for the Fix+. Since it's full of vitamins, minerals, green tea and cucumber it has healing properties to help soothe your skin when needed.

Have you ever used the MAC prep & Prime Fix+?
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