April 17, 2019

18 Months With Bella

These posts are no longer titled "...Months with Baby Bella" because our little one is no longer a baby. We are in full blown toddler mode and life is hectic, but so much fun!

I'm sharing a long overdue update on Bella, and hope to do these a few times a year so we can look back and watch how she grew. I have to print each month's post out and put it in her baby book so she has a physical copy as well. Here's my reminder ;)

Loves: Bella is still a really happy little babe, with the exception of a few meltdowns here and there LOL Toddler fits are a real thing people! She loves music class, we did our first session since she's been able to walk the past few months and seeing her run around and interact more with the other children makes my Mama heart SO happy. Her favorite person is still Ethan, he walks in to the room and she lights up. She's been getting used to people we don't see every day thanks to FaceTime and enjoys waving and babbling to her family. Bella LOVES water, the exhibits at the Children's Museum and the water table her Aunt got her that Chuck recently built. She has an absolute blast exploring new things and it's so much fun to watch her (and chase her around)!

Not a fan of: Still hates laying down to get her diaper changed...sometimes she will lay so patiently and other times she's bouncing around, twisting and trying to stand up. Those straps on the table don't do much to hold her down ;) When she gets frustrated with something sometimes she will let out a whine and slap her knees and it's pretty silly, but part of her learning and growing and temper.

Sleeping: Really well still. We have those off nights when I can tell she's getting sick or she is sick and wakes up a bit. After 3 times she comes to our bed because I get sick of walking down the hall to her room. We are blessed with a good napper and overall great sleeper!

Eating: Bella will try anything, and I love that about her. She has a lot of favorites-Daddy's tuna noodle casserole, chicken parmesan, pasta of any type ;), lately she's enjoyed my sweet potato rounds. Always up for Chick-Fil-A (MY GIRL) and loves her peaches, yogurt, applesauce and the occasional sweet treat. My Grandfather gave her one of the Hershey's dark chocolate kisses and she went NUTS. It was alllll over her face and hands and she was grinning and giggling ear to ear. So now I know to keep chocolate away as much as I can hahaha!

Stats: As of April 3 when she was at the doctor earlier this month- Bella is 22 lbs, 13 oz and 2 feet 10 inches tall- she's in the 95th percentile for height (GO GIRL!!!) and the 56th percentile for weight which is wonderful progress from her 4 lb 12 oz birth weight. We are so so happy with her development and progress. You would never know she was a preemie if you ask me!

Bella has learned how to: wave, clap, tumble, give high fives, make noises with her hand and mouth, climb on and off the couch, stand and dance, she's TRYING to hop because we do it in music class and she's trying to get the hang of it, walk, and she's added some new words to her vocabulary- "UH OHHHHH" is her favorite, wubbo (her paci), bubba (milk), WOW!, whoa! and I did it!-which sounds a little off but that's what we think she is saying- LOL :)

What else Bella has been up to since our last update: Bella had her second visit with Santa and was absolutely terrified. We went to SUGAR- where she had her birthday party and she was fine while we stood in line, but the minute we walked to Santa she lost it. Her and I were at the mall a week later and she was waving to the man (Santa) so I tried again, and same result..hilarious if you ask me, those are always the best pictures! She caught the hand foot and mouth disease which was pretty miserable for a few days and has had two ear infections, but luckily has been pretty good since then with the sniffles here and there because we just can't avoid that. She loves being outside and has really enjoyed exploring the playground- she has NO fear. I've mentioned it before, but it just amazes me and brings me to tears. She runs and falls and gets right back up and goes to climb the steps to the slide-meanwhile she isn't around steps at our house so it's kind of crazy to see how much children's instincts just kick in. Chuck and I talk all the time about how amazing it is to watch this human we created grow before our eyes-it's bittersweet, but I'm so so very proud of her. Typical parent line, huh?! But recently at the doctor they asked after examining her after an accident, "so she has a high pain tolerance?" Chuck said he smiled and said, "She was a preemie. Ripped her IV out of her arms so many times they put it in her head, and she didn't cry." Yea, our girl has a high pain tolerance. I honestly think it's part of why she has no fear and loves running and exploring-nothing will stop her and I love that about Bella. She's very determined and persistent, this will be good and maybe partly bad in later years ;)
Overall, life with Bella Charlie is wonderful. Ethan is the BEST big brother to her and has babysat a few times when we've been gone for a few hours. The one time we were out we thought she would still be awake when we got home and it was super quiet. He had turned on her night light diffuser lamp, gave her milk, rocked her and put her to bed. WHAT?! I was amazed on how much he pays attention without leading on. Super proud parents over here :) have to brag on them when I can.

snapchat selfies by Etha :) I LOVE this picture!

 If you've read this far, thank you and sorry-ha-ha. Bella Charlie you amaze us every day. Keep on exploring and running through the world with the excitement you do now and you will continue to live a wonderful, happy life. We love you little Mama! 

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