March 8, 2019

Why I Stopped Getting Lash Extensions

With women spending more time investing in their beauty routines and self-care I thought I would share a little bit about why I stopped getting lash extensions.
I started several months before my wedding and continued for a few years because I wanted longer and fuller lashes. I mean who doesn't want to look more glamorous for their wedding?! At the time I got lash extensions I was working at the salon and spa where I had them done, so some of my experience and comments come from working in the industry for several years.

For me, I stopped finding it relaxing. An initial set of lashes, it takes about two hours to have them done. Thankfully I was comfortable enough around my co-workers considering I fell asleep a few times. From there, you get what they call "fills" every 2-4 weeks depending on how your lashes fall out. We shed our natural lashes every 6-8 weeks during a natural growth cycle, but everyone's cycle is different. For your lash extensions to remain looking full the professionals recommend coming back every 2-4 weeks. I felt like it was a chore once I had done it for a while and it wasn't relaxing to me. I would much rather treat myself to a massage or facial every few months than visit for 45 minutes to an hour getting my lashes filled. This was a huge part of why I stopped.
The lack of relaxation added with the expense were the main reasons I stopped getting lash extensions. Prices obviously vary depending on the city you're in, but even with a discount due to me working at the spa, it added up. For the price of one lash fill I was paying for, I now buy a lash serum that I use a few times a week and lasts me several months.
My favorite beauty product is mascara, I really enjoy playing with different combinations of drugstore and high-end products and finding what works best for me. I love the effect and look that good mascara can offer to elevate your beauty routine. I didn't wear mascara with my extensions. A lot of people do, and I don't see what the point in that is. Many brands sell safe, "extension friendly" mascara that you can wear with the extensions, but I found that when you wear it you still want to wash it off, and it wasn't easy to get off with having to be gentle on your lashes. I felt like you shouldn't need to spend money on mascara if you were already shelling out for the extensions.
When you get the initial set of lash extensions or fills, you want to avoid getting them wet for 24 hours. This isn't easy to do if you're washing your face or showering or wanting to swim in the Summer. 24 hours doesn't seem like a long time, but if this is something you need to do every 3-4 weeks it gets to be an annoyance. I also am a stomach sleeper and the way my lashes looked when I woke up in the morning sometimes was absolutely crazy. It took me too much time to brush them out and get them back in to place from a night of sleep. I was considering buying goggles to wear to bed, LOL.
While there are a lot of pros to getting lash extensions-you can wake up and go and don't need to take time to apply mascara, for some people this may be the only part they need or want out of a routine and it saves significant time and money, among other just didn't make sense for me to continue. Before getting extensions make sure to do your homework- ask how long they have been doing lashes, request to see pictures of their work, reach out to women around you who have them and where they recommend visiting for their services.
I love experimenting and trying new mascara's and serums and have found so many great products I would have never known about. I don't have to remember to schedule appointments for my lashes or take time out of my busy schedule to go for a lash fill. Everyone is different, so for some- extensions is the way to go.

I linked my current favorite mascara products in the widget below- drugstore and high-end mascara, including removers! They are affiliate links, thanks for your support!

How about you- have you tried lash extensions? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

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