March 13, 2019

Recently Read

I wasn't very successful last year in reading many new books. I think balancing the new path of being a Mom to a newborn, paired with a new career and work training led me to picking up a book less and less.
Thankfully I got back in the groove at the end of last year, and set a challenge to at least read one book a month in 2019. I love keeping track of books I want to read and where I'm at on Goodreads-you can follow me here!

Confessions of a Domestic Failure 3/5- This was a funny read for any Mom, not just new ones. It talks about the pressure to keep up with society these days- Pinterest inspired crafts, Instagram worthy pictures, and the Facebook updates of your child. I loved the light it brought to Motherhood and how it can feel to want to keep up on it all. It's important to remember you don't HAVE to do anything that doesn't make you 1000% happy! The mom, Ashley enters a Motherhood bootcamp ran by a mommy blogger she looks up to and the stories, competitions and how it all plays out in the end is a comedic rundown. Some parts had me bored, while I thought it was a bit drawn out- but a great, easy and light-hearted read for any Mom!

When Live Gives You Lululemons 4.5/5- I loved Devil Wears Prada, so I was so excited when I FINALLY picked up this book. It's based on Miranda Priestley's first assistant, Emily Charlton and her life post the Devil, and her new career as an image consultant. She has landed a huge client that swims right out of her reach, and then she starts losing work left and right. She needs help, and falls upon it in Greenwich, CT thanks to her friend Miriam. Miriam has a high-profile friend Karolina, the wife of the newly elected senator of New York who finds herself in a bit of trouble after a recent DUI arrest. The trio makes quite an interesting group, and it was so funny to read about life in the suburbs and how things are handled outside the daily grind of the city. The drama, the secrets, and stories inside the novel are so entertaining- I really loved this read!

The Assistants 3.5/5- This story is about Tina, who's an executive assistant to the CEO of her corporation. Her boss loves her, she handles everything with ease and life is a bit boring for her. An accounting error made while handling her boss' expense report leads her to realize she can pay off her ENTIRE student loan balance and help others do the same thing. This embezzlement scam turns Tina in to the voice of assistants everywhere wanting more. While I laughed at most of the story, the entire practicality of it all was a bit far fetched so I couldn't get totally in to the book. I read it fairly quickly and was hoping there was another piece or twist to it, because it was pretty evident what would happen at the end.

The Wife Between Us 5/5- Excellent, a real page turner! When I shared on Instagram stories that I was reading this book, SO many people (seriously though-HA!) reached out saying how much they enjoyed this one. I was HOOKED from early on and read it all in 24 hours! You are reading from the perspective of a jealous ex-wife who's living a pretty sad life after her husband has left her for a younger, prettier replacement. But is this who you're reading about? There are so many great twists that had me at the edge of my seat leading me to read more, faster and figure it all out. The last few chapters weren't completely necessary but I don't feel that they took away from the book. The writing, the descriptions and perspectives of the characters, the story- it's all great!

The Surrogate 4.5/5- Another quick weekend read- I love thrillers, and I always read them faster than others. Kat and her husband have tried so many times to have a baby, and they want one so badly. Kat thinks that things are hopeless, until she runs in to her childhood friend Lisa. Lisa and Kat have a crazy past that is eluded to several times in the story, and the farther along you get, the more you find out. Has Lisa changed for the better? Can she give Kat and her husband what they so desperately want? But Kat's husband has a past too, and it all comes together in this crazy, twisted web of lies and secrets. Loved this book and how the story went from the past to now throughout.

What Alice Forgot 4/5- This is another book that when I shared that I was reading it, so many of you responded how much you liked it. I really enjoyed this read and won't lie, at first was a bit confused. The story is about Alice Love,-mom and fitness-loving, PTA fanatic on the brink of divorce, who has experience an injury at the gym during spin class. The thing is, Alice doesn't spin and last she knew she was only pregnant and madly in love with her husband Nick. It seems as if her fall off the bike has made her lose her memory- but of the last ten years. I was confused at first on the parts written by her sister and grandmother, but ended up really enjoying their added comments. The main reason I didn't give it five stars was that I could have done without some of the ending, too many unnecessary additions in my opinion. Overall, I really enjoyed all the characters and what they made me think about in regards to my own life. Don't take things...or yourself too seriously, and really enjoy each day! I recommend this book, a wonderful read by Liane Moriarty!

Right now I am reading Far From The Tree and requested a biography from the library- I haven't read one of those in a while so I wanted a variety to keep me in the spirit of reading! 
What have you read lately? I love hearing about great books!

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