March 25, 2019

On Slowing Down...

One thing that seems to be glorified these days is being busy. 
Photo by Vanesa conunaese on Unsplash
I've realized the past few years that I for one, like saying no to things that I just don't feel good about doing. Making 3 nightly commitments in one week? Probably saying no! Attending an event on a weekend that overloads my schedule? Definitely not. 
Saying yes to slowing down has been good for me and I really don't mind the pace as I'm in this newer stage of life that involves a toddler and different priorities than I was used to in years past.
As I am getting older, I am embracing life and all it has to offer. Staying in during the Winter and playing with Bella, watching a movie with Chuck and Ethan, reading a book and cozying up sounds much better than running a million unnecessary places and spending money that I don't need to. While trips to Sephora always make me happy, I don't need to spend money on another unnecessary lipstick just to do it, or get out of the house. A walk around the mall window shopping? That works too!
And being honest here, as you get older it's a little bit harder to keep up with staying busy all hours of the day. Last week one beautiful day I had gone to work, after work Chuck and I took Bella to the park to play for 45 minutes, came home and made dinner, did a load of laundry then ran to 3 stores to get groceries, diapers, and other things we needed. I got home at 9:30 and sat down collapsed on the couch ready to sleep for 20 hours. I was whooped! I didn't get on the treadmill, watch any shows, or read any of my books which was a little bummer but I enjoyed time outside with my family and a family dinner and bonus alone time at Target (that never hurts). I could not do that every night, no how. And I no longer want's not appealing to me to stay that busy hopping around from place to place with friends or simply keeping the schedule busy. 
Part of me realizing I wanted to slow down was having a baby. It actually FORCED me to not rush through things or actually have the ability to run out the door and do a million things in a day. You simply can't do things the way you used to. While I think we have done a great job at adapting and bringing Bella along to 99% of what we do- restaurants early on, road trips, flights to see can't always operate at 70 MPH. There's diaper changes, feedings, naps that babies need to take, quiet time, somewhat of a routine and more. Slowing down and enjoying a planned day out for lunch and an errand has become more special than just eating out for the heck of it. I now relish that time and appreciate date nights 1000% more because it can be somewhat of a rarity. 
Something else that has helped is my anxiety. That sounds backwards, right? But having a list of things to do that can overwhelm me- such as phone calls, errands, paying bills and remembering events or to-do's has made me prioritize items. I will write down 1-2 tasks to do per day, and if I can knock one out on my lunch and another in the evening I'm getting tasks completed on my list in a way that works for me. If things can get pushed out (like working on Bella's baby book or picking up pictures from Walgreen's) then I do it if other items are more pressing. It's a little common sense mixed with slowing down and not putting unnecessary pressure on myself to do all the things all the time and go, go, go!
So, I'm sharing this today to remind you that being busy is okay- if that's what you want to be. But, if you're like me and think that slowing down works for you too, then so be it. You don't have to be anything you don't want to, but I've appreciated enjoying quieter moments and relishing things that I used to take advantage of. It's helped my attitude, my mindset and definitely my well-being. Think about it and decide what is best for you!

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