March 15, 2019

How I Use Essential Oils Daily

I know that people's thoughts and opinions on essential oils are all over the board.
Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash
With saying that, I am only sharing what has worked for me in using essential oils daily. I am not claiming that they heal all or will save you with magic powers- but the consistent use for certain situations have definitely helped me in various ways. I'd like to share what oils I use and how I use them on a daily or weekly basis.

-Lemon in my water. I shared a post on Monday about how you can increase your daily water intake with a few changes in your habits and some tips. At times, drinking just plain water can get boring if I'm not really thirsty. Adding a few drops of the Lemon Vitality Essential Oil  that is safe for digestion in my cup makes it fun and tasty and want to drink more.
-Add a few drops of lavender to your bath. Bath bombs are nice and all, but good quality ones can cost you a pretty penny. A bottle of lavender oil is $24 and can last you MONTHS which I love. Lavender is classic and a good beginner scent if you don't know where to start with oils and it's so relaxing in the bathtub.
-Help save your and baby's life while teething. I'm not sure if you've ever had trouble with a teething baby, but oh...we HAVE! Bella is not a fan of popsicles, frozen washcloths or other remedies that have been suggested. So I tried Copaiba on my finger mixed with coconut oil & apply on her gum and then massaged the spot and gum line. This combined with some Motrin helped immensely!
-Make a beauty roller to brighten your skin. You can mix 10 drop lavender, 10 drops Frankincense + 10 drops Copaiba and fill the rest of witch hazel. To use it-apply to your face, roll in with facial roller or fingertips and let dry then moisturize. This combo helps give you radiant skin and smells great too!
-Use a sleepy-time oil on Bella's cuddle blanket. I personally use Young Living oils, which I've talked about in the past (getting started with the products & my favorite rollerball combinations)  and really love! I put a few drops of sleepyize on Bella's small blanket with she cuddles at night and I think it helps calm her down. She has wanted her little blanket to carry around lately when she isn't sleeping and loves putting her cheeks to it. I think it smells so relaxing and makes me want to lay down and cuddle with a blanket too, ha-ha. The KidScents oils are already pre-diluted and safe for children of all ages. I always test a small spot on her foot or lower back before applying directly to the skin in any other areas, just to be sure!
-Roll Thieves on Bella's feet during sick season. Kids are FULL of germs. I've learned that the hard way and it's so sad to see your child sick. One thing I've become better at is remembering when I'm getting Bella dressed in the morning to rub Bella thieves mixed with coconut oil on her feet. It's said to help prevent germs and great for immune support. You can even use a few drops as an all natural hand sanitizer and put it on your own feet when you're sick. I love the smell, especially in the Fall!
- I have a small diffuser at my desk to keep me in a good mood while I work. I purchased a small one from Young Living, but there are so many options on Amazon and other retailers' sites. I have a certain few oils like Stress Away, Joy and Orange that I keep at my desk that are uplifting and help keep the mood light. Smelling beautiful oils and not my co-workers' breakfast is an added bonus ;)

I am very thankful that I started using oils and see that keeping a consistent routine has only benefited areas of our daily lives. Chuck occasionally calls it witchcraft, and I haven't had him use any- but there's always hope!
Do you use essential oils? If so, what's your favorite way to use them?!

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