March 11, 2019

A Thank You...

It that that it's important to write down what you're thankful for from time to time.

During the hustle and bustle of the morning chaos it can be hard at times to clear my mind before work, especially during the gloomy days of Winter. But, something that has helped change my mindset is to think of 3 things that I'm thankful for during my drive each morning.

Today I thought I would share some things that have made my lists lately...A Thank You...

Thank you to the Internet so I can Google the answer to many things, and watch funny animal videos for a good laugh.
Thank you to the Target Dollar Spot for cute, inexpensive things. Things I don't need like twinkle lights or another vase.
Thank you to cupcakes for always being delicious. You're one thing I can never say no to, and that's okay. 
Thank you to beautiful skies filled with amazing color for starting and ending a day in a wonderful way.
Thank you to Chick-Fil-A- your nuggets are fresh, your waffle fries are amazing and the Cherry Coke in the styrofoam cup is my cherry on top ;) pun totally intended.
Thank you to my bed for being so comfortable-I never want to leave you.
Thank you for reality TV- the joys you bring me watching other people's drama- real or not...makes me incredibly happy and laugh so hard.
Thank you to library books- you always remind me how good it is to not have to rely on technology at times. The simple moments and walking through the rows of books and picking one up to open and getting the whiff of library smell is something I love so much.
Thank you to my son, Ethan for always showing me silly videos on Instagram that make me snort laughing.
Thank you to my daughter, Bella for waking up so happy every morning. It truly puts me in the best mood.
Thank you to my husband, Charlie for your love of cooking. Without you I'd starve, or eat cereal a lot more.
Thank you to FaceTime for the ability to see friends and family who are too many miles away when we can't be together. Technology is really great sometimes!
Thank you to whoever invented brow waxing. Enough said.

Thank you to YOU for reading Dream Big and Buy the Shoes. Tell me something you're thankful for today! Have the best week my friends, xo!

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