November 12, 2018

Everyone Is Busy

Life just gets busy sometimes, doesn't it?!
photo by Unsplash
I felt so silly a few times trying to explain why I was a little absent from blogging. I was simply too busy. But isn't everyone?! We all have things to do, priorities, unexpected events that pop up...and general day to day life.
Sometimes I need a reminder to slow down and breathe. That was life the past few weeks. October was incredibly jam packed and I think my body sort of shut down after. I wanted to be a hermit in my bed with a hoodie and blanket and not talk to anyone. I feel as if I'm a pretty social person, I love a good time and joking around...but after a lot of it sometimes I just want to be at home. The migraines came on, back pain, and feeling under the weather which added to my absence.

One thing that is tough for me when I'm so busy is prioritizing. I get SO overwhelmed by the list of to-do's that I just shut down and avoid a list. Not the right thing to do. Something that I'm working on is looking ahead at my calendar and noting the things we have already committed to, jot a list of events or activities that may pop up or that we are interested in if we want to get out of the house and note any little things to think of- such as baking holiday cookies or prepping Thanksgiving dishes. Being organized and in the know is key for my anxiety staying at bay. 

The good news is, my six month training program at work wraps up in a few weeks and I passed my final exam for my first insurance designation. I now have my Associate in General Insurance and am so relieved that it's over- haha! And like a crazy person I already signed up for continuing education and the next designation, bring on the learning! The bad news is, I only have about 4 Christmas gifts purchased. The holiday traffic is already out of control, so I hope Amazon is ready for me ;) I plan on trying to get a few gifts done a week so hopefully I'm ready for Christmas...HOPEFULLY...but somehow it all comes together, right?!

Enough about me...everyone is busy. Tell me what you've been up to lately. How's life? I can't believe it's already mid-November, time flies! Thanks for listening to my rambling, I've missed you all-have a wonderful Monday and even better week!

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