September 28, 2018

Tips To Prepare For Professional Photos

It's absolutely crazy that it's already time for Bella's one year pics- wow how the year flew by!
We all know I love to celebrate- so I booked and started planning her pictures way in advance. Today I wanted to share some tips that helped me and some things about our great experience with Abbey Lynn Photography.
Tip #1- Book early. I was referred to Abbey through a mutual friend and early in the year reached out about booking. Most photographer's schedules fill up quickly- especially during peak seasons, so the sooner the better.

Tip #2- Pinterest is your friend. If you're lots on what to wear or what type of shoot you want- casual, in nature, in a studio, can search Pinterest for pretty much anything. You gotta love the Internet! Make a Pinterest board so you can gather all the things you're interested in. Your photographer may also guide you in a certain direction based on what they think is best for that time of the year, color schemes, and more.
Tip #3- Microsoft Excel is also your friend. I'm a freak when it comes to planning. Once in a while I may drive myself crazier than necessary, but it pays off in the end. I track things I want to note such as outfits- for everyone in the family, in the case of Bella's recent shoot I used props and things that I wanted to keep track of as I purchased them.

Tip #4- Stay in contact with your photographer. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Like I said above- I'm crazy when it comes to planning. I was afraid I was bugging Abbey, but she was super helpful and included a questionnaire and asked some questions to prepare herself which was really great.

Tip #5- Don't stress. You chose this photographer for a reason, they will make the experience great. I think this is my best advice. You don't know what's going to happen- because you can't plan EVERYTHING. Bella woke up with a cold the morning of her pictures and I almost freaked out, but then I remembered that life happens. However these turned out, they were going to be perfect because they were our family and our baby. Abbey made Bella feel special and was so great with her. We all felt welcome and enjoyed the good energy she gave off and it was the BEST session we've ever had, and in my opinion it was because of this. Attitude is everything and it was clear that Abbey was meant to be a photographer- she loves what she does.

This is not a sponsored post at all, I just wanted to share the things I genuinely loved about Abbey Lynn Photography. In addition to what I mentioned above, Abbey was extremely friendly and kept the photo session FUN. Pictures can be stressful, especially if you don't love being photographed, but want to capture the memories over the year. 
The studio is in the basement of her home, and it was beyond adorable. There is a little sitting area for the families, a sink to bathe your baby after a cake smash session (genius), coffee (THANK YOU), snacks (big brother Ethan's favorite part) and a cute little welcome board. Those little things make a big difference in my book- I'm all about this setting. 

Thanks again Abbey Lynn Photography for your professionalism and talent- we adore these pictures.

How do you prepare for professional photos? Any tips to share of your own?

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