May 4, 2018

Friday Favorites- Amazon Edition

Happy Friday- who else is excited for extra margaritas and guacamole tomorrow?!
 I figured I would share some of my favorite recent Amazon purchases, because it's so easy to shop from too could have this goodness in only 2 days (because we all have Amazon Prime, right?!). 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream- My girl Lindsay had mentioned this a few times, and I decided to try it when my Tarte ran out. I LOVE it- so lightweight and does a wonderful job moisturizing. Next, I think I need something heavier or more powerful to get the job done overnight- any recommendations?

Bedside Touch Speaker & Lamp- Ethan is obsessed with music- always listening. I got him this lamp and speaker combo to put in his Easter basket. He likes that it changes colors and it's small enough for him to bring when we travel, and he puts it in the bathroom when he showers too.

100% UV Proof Baby Sunglasses- It was so funny to me that Bella would make the weirdest faces when the sun came out...but then it clicked- it's been a LONG winter and this girl has hardly seen that sunshine! There's so many contraptions for your car and these shades, but I figured we would go the simple route first and try out some sunglasses. So far she is loving them!

Eyelash Comb- I needed something cheap and simple to separate my lashes, since mascara can sometimes make them look clumpy. My mom used to use a needle- I remember watching her thinking, is she nuts?! I don't have a steady hand like that, so this contraption comes in handy. 

Essential Oil Diffuser- We've been using oils around the house and I wanted another diffuser for Bella's room, but nothing too fancy or expensive. I found this great one with 2 diffusing options and several light settings (we use a bright pink at night for her) and it does a great job. It's powerful enough for the size of her nursery and just perfect for what we needed. 

20 Piece Headbands- I wish I would have found these sooner, but for the price- you can't beat the selection. There is a ton of colors and the cutest little bow on these headbands...I always have something on hand to match Bella's outfits now! These would make awesome gifts because there is so many colors in this set. 

Zippered Wet Bag- Definitely ordering another one of these! I wanted something to differentiate Bella's clean bottles from dirty ones coming home from the sitter and didn't want to keep wasting plastic bags. I send clean in one bag, and dirty come back in the wet bag so I can easily wipe it down and re-use it the next day. These would be great for traveling to the beach, and also for a diaper bag.

That's my latest round-up of great Amazon purchases that are worth sharing with you. Have you purchased anything from Amazon lately and loved it? Enjoy your weekend- soak in the sunshine...and cocktails!

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