May 2, 2018

April Favorites

May?! Where does the time go? It's time to share my April favorites, a round up of links, recipes, good laughs and more...from around the Internet.

Let's get right in to it, shall we? *there may be affiliate links in this post*

Favorite Real Life Goodness: My girl Allison recently moved, and shared some things she learned in the process. I laughed, and nodded my head and it's all true. Take her advice, and make yourself smile- check it out.

Favorite Reality TV Post: Kati breaks it all down about Vanderpump Rules on Bravo and why she can't stop watching. She's not alone- because I'm right there with her. Entertaining and on point describes her post. If you're in to reality tv- give it a read!

Favorite Parenting Post: Katey is a Mom and entrepreneur. While raising her daughter and growing her business, she's also balancing being a wife. It can be A LOT- and that's coming from me, who doesn't successfully update her blog lately (oops!). I really enjoyed reading this post about marriage and kids and hearing from a variety of perspectives and places in life from the people telling the stories.

Favorite Purchase: I need to do a better job about tracking this...or shop less, but we all know which one will actually happen. Express always has some sort of sale, and I picked these cute sandals up to go with a dress for some Mommy and me pictures Bella and I are getting done soon.
Favorite Book Post: Megan shared 10 mystery/ thriller novels you need to read and I shrieked with excitement when I saw it. These are my favorite types of books and I knew I would love the list once I saw a few I have already read on there. If you love this genre too, you need to read what Megan recommends.

Favorite Recipe: Nadine always shares awesome recipes and is making yummy looking things! This keto pizza skillet looks amaaaaazing and I think Chuck will love it too. I am going to try this ASAP. I really enjoy things that sound easy too, so this is a win in my book!

Favorite Moment: Ever have a busy month, but feel like you didn't do a whole lot...all at the same time?! That was April for me. But, one thing sticks out and that was my Dad being in town to visit. He was hoping to take Bella to the zoo, but it snowed the day he was here (insert biggest eye roll ever) so we went to the Children's Museum. Bella loves taking it all in- her favorite part are the trains. We laughed so much, he captured some really great pics and we had a ton of fun playing. Thanks again Dad, Bella loves her Pappy!

Favorite Travel Post: Christie is an experienced Disney traveler- including cruises. I was happy to see this post on how to choose the best Disney Cruise ship for your family because we definitely want to go on another one. We went to the Bahamas on the Disney Magic in 2015 and it was every bit of dreamy, and I thought I wanted to go on a bigger boat. After reading her post, maybe I'm wrong. There is A LOT of great information here- so if you know anyone considering a Disney Cruise, make sure you share this with them!

Favorite Inspirational Post: Sheryl shared an absolutely beautiful and personal post about their decision to downsize, and I'm so happy she allowed me to share this with you. As she mentions, life doesn't always go as planned and you have to figure out what is next, and sometimes that is a very hard thing to do. You get comfortable, you feel safe, and you need to make big decisions. Her story about living life after loss is touching and I am so thankful she shared it. Please give this one a read!

Favorite Dream Big Posts in April:
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What was a favorite of yours in April? Happy May friends!

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