April 23, 2018

Have The Courage

Last week I saw a silly meme on Facebook that brought me back to my childhood. Memories of when you were younger are usually fun- because you can look back on them on laugh.
Like the time I peed my pants on the way to Sea World because I was so excited. No, I'm not talking about that this time. The meme said something about making up dance routines with your cousins and I remembered when I would dance in the yard to these ridiculous dances I made up on the spot. 
I can't imagine how I looked- yellow boom box on the sidewalk, probably some Janet Jackson blaring and little Emelia bopping around the front yard looking like a fool. I had no rhythm. But, I had courage. The courage to not care what anyone thought. Boys from my school would drive by sitting in their parents car and I didn't bat an eye...just kept on dancing. 

As you become a teenager, and then an adult sometimes you lose courage- due to some of your own fears, things you may have read about, or someone telling you that you shouldn't do things. It's so silly- but unfortunately it happens. You let these things get inside your head and stop you from following your own path and keeping those quirks about yourself that make you unique. 

I have a friend who dated several men throughout college, and after and always makes me laugh. She has a lot of fun with life and I remember talking to her one time and asked who she was currently dating, when she replied "Myself". I thought that was great and she went on telling me how she went to the movies alone, went to dinner by herself and basically did things that many would do with someone else, with herself. To me, that took courage, but to her- it was a re-discovery of herself. Two completely different perspectives on one, simple thing. 

So, I encourage you to have the courage to do something that may scare you, or make you anxious, or do something that will benefit someone else that could really use it. It is not always easy- rarely it is, and you may not even accomplish it the first time...but I consider courage taking a step towards your dreams or your fear. 
For those of you figuring out a plan to get out of the place you're stuck, for trying a new meal plan, anyone attempting to find more time in the day to exercise, to kick the caffeine( I could never), or simply get out of bed in the can do it. Have the courage you did when you were that little girl walking in to pre-school for the first time, be the boy who walked up to another and made a new isn't easy, but it's full of moments to make yourself proud.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and even better week. 
*Some of you may have noticed, when I blew up your inboxes this weekend, that I am way behind on comments...but I see them and THANK YOU for your beyond kind words on last week's post. I've sent so many texts to Chuck as messages have popped up from so many wonderful people. We appreciate you and thank you for always being so sincere and amazing! 

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