April 9, 2018

3 Things I Wish For You This Week

Happy Monday lovely people! I'm taking a page out of my friend Chelsea's blog and sharing three things I wish for you this week.
Chelsea is a beautiful, uplifting soul and I love the inspiration she shares, so I thought I would take a turn and try. Who doesn't want to get in a good mood to start the week?!

This week I hope you can put away your winter coat and KEEP IT in the closet! I swore I wasn't going to wear mine again and when I woke up Friday to snow on my car that I had to use more than my wipers to clean off...I pulled it out of the closet. Every day I am checking the 10 day weather forecast like a 68 year old woman hoping for something good. I think it's coming this week ;)

I wish that you have the courage to tackle something that you need to. Whether that be a difficult conversation with a loved one, finding happiness beyond the job you're stuck in, getting more than a few hours of sleep with your new babe or even if it's cleaning out your fridge- you CAN do it!

This week- take a few minutes to relax. Mornings can be hectic- packing bags, lunches and makeup on to hide some dark circles (or a pesky blemish out of nowhere *huge eye roll*) and lately I've made it a point to get in the car, take a minute and put on a good playlist or podcast and make the drive to work a pleasant one. Some days I blast Disney music and talk in crazy voices to Bella to prepare for the day, but I make sure to make it enjoyable. It's a good way to relax for me and turn a usually pesky part of my day a bright one! Try something new to relax- you'll thank yourself by Thursday :)

I hope you all have a wonderful, warm week! Stay awesome, thank you for reading! Xo!

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