July 28, 2017

Wedding Season: Gift Ideas for the Ones In Love

We are in the midst of wedding many celebrations, parties and reasons to honor the couple in love. I am a big fan of getting fun with gift giving, and thinking outside the box (no pun intended) when it comes to these special occasions.

UnCommon Goods uses handmade, recycled and organic products which is an A+ in my book and when you check out on their site you are asked which non-profit organization you would like $1 to go to on behalf of their company...tell me that's not awesome!
Another reason I love UnCommon Goods is because of their wide variety of wedding gifts and cool options to choose from to stand out and be remembered when you're among the crowd at the wedding or bridal shower.

unique wedding gift ideas

Custom Map Serving Tray: Practical but unique gifts are always a win-win and are so good! I love this tray because you can pick the location to put on the map and then the couple can use it at their home. I would keep mine on our large ottoman in the living room or when hosting family and friends at our house, so cute!

Personalized Whiskey Barrel: We all know how I LOVE my bar cart! This barrel is totally cool and if we didn't already have one, I would be scooping it up for our home. This is perfect for the drink lovers and party throwers to wow the crowd and keep friends asking- where did you get that?! When they say your name, you'll be remembered for years to come as the coolest gift giver ever.

Personalized Wedding March Throw: For the homebodies, this is perfect to cozy up in on those newly married nights inside. You can customize the throw with a name and wedding date as a sweet token of love for the couple to remember for years to come. I love that it's black and white and can match so much in someone's home already!

When it comes to the bridal shower, my personal choice is to purchase something off the registry and incorporate something special and maybe personalized also. UnCommon Goods is my go to place for unique bridal shower gifts.

Date Night Bucket List: You know those games that are played at the shower or when you arrive and you're asked to share a date night idea for the couple?! Well, this does the work for you, how great! It includes 25 different date night ideas on sticks for the couple to pick and choose from, and cross off their list to keep them busy.

Personalized Library Card Pillow: This may be the nerd in me, but HOW CUTE IS THIS?!?! Put the family details on this adorable pillow and it's completely customized and cute for their couch. I love this, especially if they met at a library or school...perfect!

Last but not least, can I mention how hard choosing gifts can be for certain occasions even if you like shopping?! Anniversary gifts are now easier with UnCommon Goods...can I get a high five?!

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map: This couldn't be more ideal for the couple that's been together 5, 15 or even 50 years! A map to track your travels together is a nice way to live adventurously every day from home and re-live those memories also.

Personalized Constellation of Love: A beautiful print that shows star charts of the night sky from a date you choose. I love stars and the sky, so this is really cool for anyone else that does too.

What is your favorite thing to give for weddings, showers or anniversaries?

I partnered with UnCommon Goods on this post for compensation, if you couldn't tell yet ;) I truly love this company and all ideas, words & opinions are mine. I always appreciate your support of the companies I work with on Dream Big and Buy the Shoes.

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