July 24, 2017

Let's Catch Up--What's New

Wow...I'm glad I remembered my password to log in and blog. I can't even believe it's been almost two months since I've posted, but then again...I can.

I had all intentions of posting a few times a week and keeping the momentum going through the Summer and then getting back on schedule through Fall until baby arrives. Then pregnancy laughed at me like- nice try lady! It's been kind of   really disappointing to not be here keeping in touch with you all, but I promise this time I"m here to stay (as much as I can).

So...what's new:
Still pregnant...and that's pretty much it. Ha-ha...just kidding, but I feel like that's what has taken over life. I promise this blog won't turn in to a full on mom and pregnancy blog, but that's pretty much the majority of life this way.
I got real sick before I got the point of losing almost 40 pounds because of vomiting and sickness. Thankfully, after hell and back to find some relief the doctors have found a prescription that is working for me- Hallelujah!
I feel so blessed to be the Mom of this little babe, but WOW this stuff is no joke. I really believe that women are superheroes for what life throws us, especially while trying to get through the day to day routine and deal with this stuff on top of it.

We are enjoying Summer...we've literally been on the go every single weekend, and while it can be tiring it's lots of fun. Trips to new places, visiting friends, celebrating with family...and tons of sunshine!

I celebrated my 3rd blogiversary by...not celebrating?! Next year will have to be better and bigger than ever for sure :)

We found Lawrence is a GIRL! A few of our Mom friends told me that they had this gut instinct when they were pregnant, and so did I. I just knew this babe was a little cupcake. Details, video, and pictures to come in a later post (because it's just so fun).

Ethan got braces and I turned another year older. He looks so grown up and it blows my mind that he's going in to 8th grade in a few months! Chuck has been learning so many new things at work and pushing himself to get more under his belt and I couldn't be prouder. Him and Ethan both, but especially my sweet Charlie have been so so helpful while I've been sick, exhausted and much more. I don't know that I could do any of this alone...and appreciate them being extra supportive and the best family ever.

I don't think much else has I said, this babe is already ruling my life :) See you back this week for more from me- yay, and wish me luck getting back into the blogging groove!

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