May 26, 2017

Baby Lawrence- The First Trimester

Since I am now past the first trimester, I wanted to give a recap of what happened so I can remember it all through this journey and in years to come, and share an update on Baby Lawrence.
I want to start off by saying, Chuck and I are very fortunate to have been able to conceive easily, as I know this isn't the case for everyone. We feel very blessed that everything has been easy breezy and healthy so far with this pregnancy.

Due Date: November 27-- I am SO excited to have a new baby here for Christmas, it's going to be even more magical with a little one around.

Size: Baby Lawrence is the size of a Matchbox car, growing right on track. I am using the Ovia Pregnancy app and really enjoying it.

Sickness: Every. Damn. Morning. Not only nausea, but hugging the porcelain princess at around 6:45 am like clockwork. I was sick a few times before finding out I was pregnant, but since I've only NOT been sick about 5 days. This part can end soon please!

Cravings: Anything I can keep down...which is everything bland, and Frosty's. I eat toast, grilled cheese, baked potatoes and brown rice like it's my job. Frosty's are also something that tastes good and stays down in the afternoon.

Weight Gain:  down 17 pounds. Yes, I've lost that much from being sick...I just want to see a baby bump!

Physical Changes: I've noticed my skin seems to be more dry, but other than that nothing that I've really noticed except pure exhaustion. A little energy has come back these past few weeks, but up until then I was taking a nap after work or falling asleep around 8 pm for the night.

Best Moment So Far: Announcing the pregnancy was pretty fun, but the best was seeing our sweet baby in the sonogram pictures. It was pretty surreal, and I love having them around.

Purchases: A baby Starbucks sippy cup (used in our announcement picture) a few gender neutral outfits because I couldn't help myself and maybe a pink bib that has a cupcake on it and says Little Sister (JUST IN CASE- I have a feeling it's a girl).

Most Excited For: I keep thinking about Christmas and snuggling a baby on the couch while the trees are lit up and I cry happy tears. We are all just so excited, and while I'm a little terrified because I'm clueless about infants I also can't even wait to see this little babe!

Thank you for all your kind words and sweet messages on our exciting news, we are SO happy and thankful for this journey. Have a great long weekend, Happy Memorial Day!

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