January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites: Home Decor

I LOVE shopping...I think half of my thrill comes from browsing and finding things and adding them to my cart. The good thing is, I don't buy every single thing I find. 

Recently we got some new living room furniture, and slowly I want to start making over the whole room to be a bit more cohesive. Our couch is grey and came with some mustard colored pillows that I wouldn't have thought of pairing together, but after searching Pinterest I have some ideas to bring some of that and gold in to the whole area. This waterfall abstract rug from Rugs USA is the perfect large element to tie it all together. I know their rugs are already super cheap, but I always get extra codes and money off around birthday month and a few other times a year so I may wait for that to scoop this up.
blue home decor
image via Rugs USA
We need a new floor lamp, and of course Target always has great deals. I love the look of this Modern Globe Floor Lamp, and it helps that it's shown with the colors we have and are going with.

I am obsessed with candles and always have some burning, but I would like a few new ones to save the containers of and use for decor or vases after they are done burning. I love this Voluspa candle and think the colors of the exterior would help tie the rug in with our couch and other elements of the room.
While browsing Pinterest, I came across this Etsy print and found several others that I love too. I think I may pick out three of them to frame in gold picture frames and hang in a row above the couch. The three in my Etsy cart right now really incorporate every color in the living room and would look great side by side. 

We are actually looking at a bigger townhouse again this weekend that we may move to, so the refresh on living room decor may just wait until that happens. 

Here's a picture of our new furniture I posted on Instagram a few months ago...follow along there for more fun and home decor snaps.

So what do you think? I am excited to see it come to life and add an extra pop of color.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend--Stay warm and enjoy!

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