November 7, 2016

What I Read In October

Between our drive back from Boston and spending time in the hospital I thought I would have read more last month, however I did really enjoy all three that I did pick up. I think the cooler weather and time inside the next few months will really kick up my reading activity.

The first one has been on my list for a long time, and the other two were awesome recommendations. I love following friends on Goodreads and seeing what everyone is reading and liking. I am really excited that I've read so much this year after not reading consistently for a long time. I'm almost to my goal of 20 books for the year, after starting a little late into it.

Wildflower 5/5

I had this one on my iPad for a while and finally started reading it when I couldn't decide what thriller I was going to jump into next. I am not some huge Drew Barrymore fan, let's face it...she's no Britney, but I heard this book was good and it did not disappoint. I loved how she didn't go along telling the story of her life in chronological form, rather she skipped around from various lessons she has learned or people that have impacted her life. I absolutely loved everything she had to say and how open and real she is. She didn't have an easy childhood and it's pretty amazing what she as done with herself and how hard she's worked to rise above the sad upbringing she had. It's a nice easy read, which everyone needs from time to time.

Remember Me This Way 4/5

When I saw Mary Kubica, author of The Good Girl said this book was just brilliant I had to check it out. The main character Lizzie visits the burial site of her husband after his accident and notices something has been left by someone other than her. She starts to re-live the accident and their life together and as she digs deeper into her deceased husband's past she realizes she didn't know him as well as she thought. I loved the twists during this book because I kept thinking he may be alive, well no...maybe he's not, maybe it's a ghost she's battling with....but the ending is something I didn't see coming at all. There are parts written from her husband's diary which make the story interesting as you read. I was a little scared to walk to my car the night I finished it, which made this one a really good read.

Pretty Girls 5/5

Holy moly. I loved this book. Sisters Claire and Lydia, lost their third sibling and sister Julia more than twenty years ago and haven't spoken since. They have grown up as complete opposites- one a recovering addict and one married to a millionaire. Once Claire's husband dies they reunite in an odd way and come to find out that the recent disappearance of a teenage girl links them all together in the most bizarre case that one could imagine. This book kept me on the edge of my seat and once I got to the last 15 chapters I could not put it down. I forced myself to finish it because I couldn't wait to find out what happens. A must read for any mystery loving fans!

I am currently reading The Boston Girl and have quite a few on my list to read...but as always, I'm looking for recommendations. Have you read anything good lately?

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