November 9, 2016

The Best Sephora Buys Under $20

It's no secret that I love Sephora. I have noticed that people that aren't beauty junkies have this thought that it's so expensive. While Sephora does sell plenty of high end items and expensive buys, there are so many great things you can get for under twenty dollars.


Some of my favorite repeat purchases fall in this category which makes it nice for my bank account. A few of these products I've received as gifts and others I've purchased and tried out since they were so inexpensive and then fell in love. I think there's a little something for everyone on this list, and maybe you'll find something new to try after reading!

The Best Sephora Buys Under $20

This nail polish remover is the holy grail. It gets off glitter nail polish, dark colors and everything in between. In the past 2 years I've only had to purchase it twice because it lasts forever. It's so easy cotton balls or pads needed, just dip your finger in and twist it around a little and you're set!

The Drybar hold me hair clips are perfect for the at home blowouts or when you're getting ready in the morning. They hold your hair back off your face without slipping or leaving marks which is perfect especially for us curly girls when we're straightening our hair.

I have used these quick fix hair ties for years and always go back to them. They are great for not pulling on your hair or stretching out easily. I usually only have to buy them once a year and a whole pack of 8 lasts me a little more than 12 months on average. 

The Sephora Collection cleansing and exfoliating wipes are amazing and have become a quick favorite for me. They have different scents and a variety of them for various skin types and purposes. I have used the coconut ones, and just grabbed the green tea wipes too. I love them both and they are good for a lazy night when you don't have enough energy to wash your face, and are perfect for traveling too. My skin can be weird and react awful to new things, so I was happily surprised when my face fell in love with them as much as I did. I think these are a great add on to any gift for a beauty lover to jazz up a Sephora card or something else they have been wishing for. 

For some reason I have had trouble with eyeliner staying on my bottom waterline for what seems like forever. The Urban Decay Waterline Eye Pencil has worked so well for me and I've repurchased it a few times already. I've tried MAC, Cover Girl, Stila, Younique and about a handful of other brands and nothing stays in place like this. It glides on easy and doesn't leave me looking like a raccoon, which is a win.

I first tried the Living Proof Prime Style Extender thanks to a sample Sephora--another thing I love about this place! I had heard about their products years ago and heard they were amazing...well, this lives up to the hype. I definitely noticed a difference when blowing out my hair and it held up longer which is always a bonus. I didn't use it as often when my hair was longer since when I straighten it the curls aren't as tight and the blowout easily stays a few days. Now that I cut 4 inches off I have added it back in to my routine after towel drying my hair and life is good again.

Who doesn't love a good sheet mask?! The Sephora Collection Face Masks are such a great buy that when I'm in the mall I usually leave with more than one. My favorites have been the Rose Mask- for moisturizing & brightening and the Pomegranate Mask for anti-fatigue & energizing. I haven't disliked any of them that I've tried and they are so easy to apply, simply open and smooth on your face. They sit well and don't move around, which is perfect for when I'm doing work on the computer or just relaxing and unwinding on the couch. 

The Formula X nail polish is a great long lasting one that has so many great colors to choose from. My favorite year round is the Less Is More which is an ivory nude. I have tried some of the mini sizes that come in a set too since it's more bang for your buck since there's usually four colors. 

My local mall is a Sephora inside JCPenney, which means it's not big. It's a bummer, but I have come to enjoy online shopping at Sephora even more the past few years. When they released the Sephora Flash I immediately signed up. It's a no brainer...$10 for 2 day shipping for an entire year, with no minimum purchase. If you're like me with no huge Sephora store close by it's a win win...especially when you can add 3 free samples to every order AND most of the time there are mobile offer codes for even more goodies with your purchase. I absolutely love it and definitely renewed it in July when my first year was up.

Do you have any favorite Sephora purchases that don't break the bank? Share your loves with me!

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