April 20, 2016

Wedding Decor Details Part 1: Wedding Wednesday

I'm so excited to share some fun details of our wedding day when it comes to the decor. Let me preface by saying I love elaborate decor at weddings...huge vases with flowers flowing out of them, glitzy tablecloths and everything in between, but when it came down to it....that just wasn't for us.

We didn't want uplighting. I didn't want our names on a wall in lights. To me, it was about the details...the ones that were special to us as a couple. They weren't elaborate or expensive, but they were important to us.

We wanted to have a special table dedicated to honoring our deceased loved ones but I didn't want it in the entrance, because I knew people would pretty much be in and out and it wasn't an area where people would leisurely gather. After discussing the setup, we decided to put the pictures on the area overlooking the main floor. 

One of the first items I had purchased for the wedding was a gold manzanita tree. Initially I thought about putting placecards on the branches, but when we strayed from having those I found another way to use it. The tree and the hanging jewels were both purchased on Amazon and made for some great decor next to our framed pictures. The various gold frames were purchased from Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Target...I wanted an array of gold ones.

wedding loved ones

wedding memory table

The signs were made by me with Canva and each one included our wedding hashtag  at the bottom. I loved our memory table to much, it was a beautiful way to include our loved ones in heaven at our celebration. 

I was torn for so long on what to do for a card box. I wanted something unique, something we could use again, and something that incorporated our name on it. I finally found an idea on Etsy and told my dad about it. He insisted I didn't pay for one, and instead made it himself. 

Our wine card box is in our kitchen which is wine themed and is a beautiful handmade piece we will treasure forever from my Dad. Some candles and flowers were placed on the table with it for some additional decor. 

We had some personalized napkins made and adorned the bar with them as well as some purple straws and more signs. I really wanted to have a purple signature drink, but unfortunately the logistics didn't work out. So we made a sign with our drinks of choice for fun instead!

wedding drink signs

drunk in love

I'm really bummed I can't find a picture of one of our special details...but we had a cigar bar. I found the idea on Pinterest, obviously. Chuck did some research and found some cigars in bulk online that we ordered and had up on the bar in large glass vases. Chuck loves enjoying a cigar with his friends, so it was a fun detail to add in to our wedding day.

cigar bar

I wanted a treat at the bar for the non-cigar smokers too, so what better than our favorite personalized treat?! M&M's!! Gold and purple candy with "Best Day Ever" & our picture on them were also on display at the bar area.

personalized wedding candy

This is the picture we used on the candy...from our engagement session--

Last but not least for part one of the details...the social signs. If you remember my bridal shower, I had signs at each table. I used them for directions, an explanation of sorts, and decor. I wanted the same for our wedding and liked adding the pop of color with the tables. 

We changed our wedding hashtag a few times, I just wasn't in love with what we had come up with. Literally, two weeks before the wedding Chuck came up with the new one and it was just enough time to get napkins, programs, etc. and we were both in love with it. 

Pants is our nickname for one another, and Ethan. Years ago I was calling Chuck "Loverpants" joking around and he started calling me "Pants" and now the three of us for year have been saying it. At home, we say "Pants" and all of us respond with a "yea?"'s hilarious and I love it. #PantsPartyAtThePeek was the perfect hashtag and it was at the bottom of each of our signs around the reception. 

I will share the table decor and more things we had around the venue in another post, because I don't want to jam all the pictures in to one post. That post will showcase the tables, our guestbook, and more surprises and signs!

Until next time...thanks for sharing another part of our wedding day for Wedding Wednesday.

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