March 16, 2016

Things You Need To Stop Saying To Brides

I'm going to take a brief break from the recap of our wedding and pictures to share something that's been bothering me for a while...we're talking since the midst of my own wedding planning. You know those things you hear that you shouldn't say to expecting moms? Well...there has to be a list out there for brides to be too.

Things You Need To Stop Saying To Brides

There are certain things a bride does not need to hear. In no particular order.....

The night goes by so fast. 
- Maybe it does or did for some people, but don't make someone feel like they're going to be missing out on something. While I love the advice to take some time and step away with your partner to enjoy a special moment, I didn't feel like my night flew by.

Calm down
-Do not ever, especially in the midst of my wedding planning, tell me to calm down. There are other ways to tell me to freakin relax and that is NOT it.

You're not going to remember that anyway.
- Yes, it is good to not sweat the small stuff. Don't tell me I'm not going to remember things from my wedding though. I still remember how I felt and what I was thinking looking back at pictures from our day.

You need to spend money on THIS.
-Every bride is different. Different couples have different priorities. A budget that works for one person may not work for another. Don't tell someone else what they need to spend money on.

Get the chef salad, more guests will love it.
-Guess what, I love caesar salad and we paid the bill, so caesar salad for everyone!

Don't be a DIY bride, it's not worth your time.
- I will tell you that by my choice, I did DIY projects for 90% of my bridal shower and a good portion of my wedding, including the bouquets. Yes, it took time. It also saved money and was so meaningful to me. Looking back that I did it all I wonder where I found the time, but every last second was worth it. I'm not telling you that you are any less of a bride if you don't do one single project for your wedding, but it is a lot of fun.

To all the brides to be out there...follow your heart, enjoy this special time, and send me an e-mail if you need someone to vent to!

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