February 24, 2016

Our Wedding Venue: Wedding Wednesday

I remember when we got engaged and first discussed where the wedding would be held. I'm from Pittsburgh and Chuck loves the city too, so it was our ideal location. We started looking up venues online and after the first quote we received back we realized it probably wasn't going to happen.
I was sitting in my car at Ethan's bus stop waiting to pick him up after school and got the e-mail with the pricing from a venue we had our eye on in Pittsburgh. I cried...actually bawled when I faced the fact that we couldn't afford the location we had our eye on.

I didn't want a hotel wedding because it just isn't me and I didn't want an outdoor tent because the threat of weather scared me too much. We looked in to a location about 30 minutes away that had recently been taken under new ownership even though we were skeptical on if we could afford it.

Luckily, it was very reasonable for the amenities and what we were looking for in a wedding location. Plenty of room for out of town guests and a space to do almost anything- golf, swim, explore the grounds and a beautiful spot for a fall wedding.

We would get married outside on the back deck for an afternoon ceremony and party the night away inside at Peek'n Peak Resort in Clymer, New York. The location is only 30 minutes from our home so it was easy to travel to while planning, and a breeze the week of the wedding transporting items back and forth. When we initially toured the location we had a choice between three different spots to hold the wedding. We loved The Lodge, but it just felt too big. It holds 500 people and while it was beautiful we just didn't feel like it was the right fit. From the moment we walked in The Retreat we loved it. The beautiful ceilings, fireplace and the bar overlooking the dance floor was perfect for us.

I'll let some of the pictures do more explaining--

Picture perfect weather for our ceremony on the back deck of The Retreat.

Tall trees and sunshine made the perfect backdrop at the ceremony.

We took family pictures outside the front of The Retreat which turned out great.

Bridal party pictures were taken at the Upper Golf Course- 1 of 2 golf locations at Peek'n Peak

We may not be snowbirds--but this is one of my favorite pictures of our day. Look at that view! Peek 'n Peak is the top spot for skiing and boarding in the snowy winter months. I love the lifts in the background of this shot on top of the mountain.

We requested that the Bride & Groom be the first to see the decorated space. I LOVE all that light coming in!

We absolutely loved this room--it was intimate and big & beautiful all at the same time.

A view from the overlook from the balcony. More on those delicious cupcakes another day....

We couldn't have found a more perfect spot to celebrate our big day. It was unique, beautiful and  It was a fun place for our out of town guests to meet and check out. I love all the different pictures and gorgeous backdrops we have from our day throughout the entire resort. 

Thanks for sharing another Wedding Wednesday with me...until next time!

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