January 21, 2016

Winter Activity List

Winter in Erie is no joke. I can't complain this year though, on Christmas Day it was 60 degrees and not a sight of snow. I haven't hit the slopes in years so I find other things to keep me occupied during my least favorite season.

Play a board game

Build a puzzle

Create a new favorite hot cocktail
--My Cinnamon Roll Cocoa is a winter favorite

Plan out your Valentine's Day details
--Make something, such as this Sealed With A Kiss Picture Frame

Spend some time at the library or a bookstore

Clean out your closets

Try out some new K-Cups
--Check out Battle of the K-Cups if you want some advice

Unplug from technology and read a book

Burn a candle in each room and watch a movie- Aladdin is always a good choice

Plan a trip for warmer weather
--Browse my T R A V E L Pinterest board

Follow Dream Big & Buy The Shoes's board T R A V E L the world on Pinterest.

There's so many things to do even if you're snuggled up inside the house. Stay warm friends!

See you tomorrow for a special delicious guest post.

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