January 20, 2016

The Dress // Wedding Wednesday

This isn't the first time I've shared pictures of my dress, but I wanted to go in more detail about...well, the details.

When I started looking for dresses online, I had several different ideas in mind and shared a secret Pinterest board with a few of my bridesmaids so we could look for styles. My dream dress was the Gianna from Maggie Sottero. The way it flowed, the pops of gold, it all took my breath away.

I wasn't 100 % set on the Gianna dress, but I really loved it and thought I may end up it.
I started the dress hunt at a local shop and really didn't think I was going to find anything on the first trip. We started pulling dresses off the racks, and let me tell you...they look SO much different on your body than they do on a hanger. If you are dress shopping, I highly encourage you try on anything and everything that looks remotely good to you. You'll be surprised on how a dress fits on your body opposed to how it hangs on a rack.

I was sure of some things I wanted:
A white dress
Something with straps
An element of sparkle
Not too spend TOO much on a dress- I had a budget set for ideally $1,000

I was surprised with what I chose in the end based on what I thought I wanted. I hated the white dresses on me. No joke- the minute I put it on, I took the first white dress right back off. There was something about the white that just didn't look good on me. One other thing that didn't look good on me was lace.
I got an off the shoulder dress, which I loved because I really like the way I look in off the shoulder tops. I also chose it because I had never seen anything like it in the form of off the shoulder and I liked that sense on uniqueness.
 I also had 3 layers of tulle removed from the bottom of my dress so that it wasn't too big for my liking. I love the really poufy look on some dresses but it did not suit me well at all.
My dress came with a built in belt that was so me. That belt sparkled and shined and ended up being a focal point of all my accessories.

I was graciously surprised by my Stepmom who came dress shopping with me, that her and my Dad planned to pay for my wedding gown. It was such a relief from the wedding budget and the sweetest gift. I found something at a very reasonable price, but something to keep in mind when setting a budget is the veil, alterations, pressing of the dress, and other small add on's that you aren't thinking of when it comes to just, the dress. 

I felt great in my dress, and that's how you are supposed to feel. I hadn't worked hard on losing a ton of weight like I would have liked, but that's something I am constantly struggling with. I focused on looking beautiful in my own skin and that's what happened...I loved how I looked and that was important to me on my wedding day.

Of course, Chuck didn't want to see the dress prior to the wedding and we didn't do a first look. We opted for a different way to connect before the wedding which I will share next week. I think the pictures of him as I came down the aisle speak for how he liked what I chose for a dress. 

 I knew this dress was the one when I put it on, and then I came out to see the reactions of my fellow shoppers and it was solidified. I felt so good in my gown and loved wearing it all day and night. It's all about you, the Bride. I encourage you to shop until you find something you are 110% happy with. 

Until next of my favorite pictures showcasing the dress. 

Details & Vendors:
Photography: R. Frank Photography
Hair & Makeup: Panache Salon and Spa
The Dress: Bridal Elegance
Customized Hanger: The Elite Bride 
Flowers: Afloral
Men's Shoes: Nike Lockwood

Wedding Wednesday in week's case you missed it:

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