January 13, 2016

Bridesmaid Bouquets On A Budget // Wedding Wednesday

Wedding budgets-- they're not easy. Not easy to stick to, not easy to draw up, but they are necessary.

When it came to wedding planning, we had some must's on the list. Those I will reveal once the recaps are all over...which won't be for a while, so stay tuned. I've got plenty more details to share with you all for plenty of Wednesday's to come.

I toyed around with the idea of real flowers. I mean, I love flowers. I love the smell, the look, everything. You are so freaking expensive. I heard this going in to it, but once I talked to some professionals who were even offering me a deal I just couldn't do it. 
While I think that tall centerpieces with enormous flowers and decor are really gorgeous, I didn't want anything like that on our tables. This fact was another thing that led me to stray away from the real things.

One day I went to my old reliable friend, Google and searched "how to make wedding bouquets" and the rest is history. I wish I remembered how I first heard of or found but they have some really amazing deals and excellent customer service. 
I knew for my bouquet I wanted cream, with touches of purple and simplicity all around. For the bridesmaids I went back and forth on color due to their varying colors of dresses. I finally found a mix of colors that I wanted, but when I went to order some of them I got an e-mail a day later saying unfortunately Afloral was out of stock. 
I had searched for months and made a decision only to find out they were not available after I ordered...I cried. I e-mailed someone from the company and they got back to immediately saying they would give me a similar type flower for the same price and free shipping. Done deal!

My bouquet needed some bigger flowers so I ventured to my favorite wedding store, Hobby Lobby to choose some things to fill it in. I was hoping it would all tie together. 

I remember, it was a Friday night and the guys weren't home. I took out the boxes and got to building bouquets. Basically I arranged the flowers by height, what looked best next to each other and then taped the stems with floral tape. 

From there I attached ribbon to the bouquets. I wanted some gold, and for mine, some cream along with that. I loved the idea of varying textures and lengths for my ribbon and added a small element of purple to go along with a picture frame and stone I found to incorporate my mom in to my wedding 

We placed another bouquet I made for my mom on her chair at the ceremony. The ribbon on her bouquet matched mine to make it extra special. It was another way to honor her and have her with us on our special day. 

I was thrilled with how the bouquets turned out and highly recommend any bride out there to try making her own bouquet. I really enjoyed putting them together for my girls and it's fun to say that I made them on my own.

I will be sharing more of our flowers in a future post, but can't say enough great things about Afloral and the entire experience of creating our own bouquets. We literally saved thousands of dollars going this route and I'm so happy we did.

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