January 6, 2016

The Bridal Party // Wedding Wednesday

Each week I get to share more pictures of our wedding day makes me happier than I could ever express. I hope all you brides to be and wedding planners out there get something out of these posts and pictures, because I look forward to reminiscing each Wednesday.

Today I want to share some photos and details of our bridal party. Let's start here- it wasn't small. It also wasn't even in numbers. Let's face it, Chuck is pretty much the definition of a good friend which made his amount of groomsmen bigger than average. We didn't follow the rules, and we loved it that way. A bridal party of 18...yes, 18.

There were 9 groomsmen,  all of which Chuck wanted by his side and are special people in both of our lives.

John, Mike, Vince, Matt, Best Man Ethan, Chuck, Best Man Joel, Chris, Chris, Josh, DJ, Josh

Two guys with the name Chris and two with Josh, it made all the wedding planning talks interesting. "Chris is walking with who? Wait, which Chris?" 

As for me, the magic number was 7. We doubled up some of the ladies with the guys and it worked just perfect because Ethan walked to the beat of his own drum, alone. 

Justine, Elisa, Bernadette, Maid of Honor Nicole, Me, Julie, Jessica & Jammi and her daughter, our niece and Flower Girl Graci 

Unfortunately, we couldn't find our other niece and flower girl when the shuttles were leaving the ceremony to head up the mountain to take group pictures so she missed out on some and we knew our nephew was done with them for the day after we took the family ones.

We were so thrilled with how the group shots turned out with the fall colors and leaves in them. 

The venue where we got married is a ski resort that has a beautiful golf course, and this is where the group shots were taken. They turned out so great and love the whole bridal party having fun together. 

We didn't follow any traditional "rules" and we had 2 Best Men. One adult Best Man, and one extra special little Best Man. 

When Chuck told me he wanted Ethan to be the Best Man, I about died. The bond my guys have is so sweet, and what a father and son should share. We sat Ethan down and Chuck told him Ethan he had an important job for him at the wedding. Ethan immediately asked if he could be the DJ. 
Ethan held the rings at the ceremony, and there is a few cute shots of him playing with them. I'm just glad he didn't lose them. He seems to be intrigued with my ring and always asks questions about it and likes to touch it while it's on my finger, it's so sweet. It was so great to have Ethan be an important part of our wedding day, and tie our family together as one.
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This group of people have been in our lives and by our sides through so much. The looks we got when we would tell people our bridal party had 18 people was hilarious. "Why so big?" "Isn't there someone you could leave out?" "How are you going to manage that?"

Truth is...there isn't one person we wanted to leave out, each and every one of them holds a meaningful part in our lives and hearts. It was so awesome to be able to have them all here for our big day, as the majority of them are spread throughout the country. 

This is our group...and we wouldn't have it any other way. The crazy ones, the silly ones, the sweet ones, and the ones who will just be...guys.

If you were to ask me some wedding advice, I think the number one thing I would say is:
Follow no one's rules and make your own fun. Even if your bridal party is 18 people deep, just go with it.

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