December 16, 2015

Flower Girl Dresses // Wedding Wednesday

Welcome to another week of Wedding Wednesday where I share a bunch of fun pictures of our wedding day and give you every little detail because it makes me so so happy.

This week I am going to show you the cutest little flower girls dresses...EVER. I was completely obsessed and told everyone that if I had the choice, I would have worn theirs...ha-ha.

Our two nieces were our flower girls, both daughters of Chuck's sisters. I was absolutely thrilled that they could both be in the wedding and share a part of our special day.

I knew from the start that I didn't want traditional white or ivory dresses for the girls. With the variety and shades of purple that the bridesmaids wore , I wanted the flower girls to be in touches of purple too.
I looked on Pinterest and Etsy for wedding things before we were engaged (I know I'm not shame here) and enjoyed browsing through ideas. When I decided on purple I searched Etsy again and found some beautiful dresses.

I finally decided on a purple ombre tutu dress for the girls and ordered them from FrillyFairyTales on Etsy.  Dawn was a dream to work with and so informative and helpful. I first asked her how far in advance I could order and she immediately put me on her list for orders based on when I needed the dresses.
She advised how to measure the girls for width in the chest and length, based on where I wanted the dresses to fall. I suggest going to a local bridal store and having people measured, just to make it easier for all parties involved.
After submitting the measurements to Dawn, all I had left to do was wait. I ordered the dresses with slips sewn in so that the tulle wasn't itching the girls. I told the girls to wear whatever type of shoes they were comfortable in as long as they were something that matched the picture of the dresses I had given them.

The dresses came in almost a whole 2 weeks prior to the wedding which was great. When I pulled them out of the box I was so giddy because they were absolutely perfect. I got so many compliments on how pretty their dresses were, and I'm pretty sure the girls loved them too.

Just look at these sweet little sugarplum fairy flower girls....

My sweet nieces...Cali on the left & Graci on the right

These are some of Chuck's favorite pictures. Our photographer had them in front making us laugh. 

We were all cracking up...they're so silly and cute. 

I love this one...ha-ha

Beyond sweet, my little loves. 

They were making all of us laugh the entire morning and throughout the night. They both have quite the personalities and we had so much fun with them.

Now some more pictures of the flower girls in action...

Getting ready to walk down the aisle

I love this shot of them from the back

They are just TOO cute...

Working hard

My favorite picture of them from the day. They are so adorable!

I couldn't have asked for more perfect dresses to match the bridesmaids and they were bright and cute for our flower girls. I wish that I could wear one too...they are just so fun!

Do you like traditional or non-traditional dresses? I love them both, but chose this route to tie all the purple colors together!

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