December 9, 2015

Bridesmaid Dresses // Wedding Wednesday

I am so excited to share the pictures and details of today's Wedding Wednesday topic...the bridesmaid dresses. My girls were so cooperative since the process was done 100% online...yes, online. No bridal store fittings and dress shopping dates. Here's how it all went down...

This may sound silly, but I got my inspiration for what I wanted in a varying color scheme when Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom tied the knot. I love purple, and the different colors for each dress made me swoon. Remember them?

I had a few things I wanted when searching for the dresses-
They needed to be inexpensive. I've been in too many weddings where I spent too much on dresses, it's just not justifiable to spend more than $200 on a dress.

They had to be comfortable. While I knew we wouldn't find out without the girls trying them on, reviews are helpful, and certain styles make that possible.

The colors had to pop. I wanted something that stood out, and at the same time all of them had to look good together.

So here's what I did from start to finish-

I heard about Weddington Way on a Facebook ad that popped up so I did my research. I asked friends on Facebook if they had ever used their services. Everyone that responded had great things to say. I chatted with the sylists at Weddington Way and learned about their process.
I was pretty sure I was going to go with them, so last August I created what is called a "showroom" on Weddington Way online and picked styles of dresses I liked. I then invited all of my bridesmaids via email to check them out and comment on which ones they liked and could see themselves wearing.

I then ordered swatches of colors I liked- African Violet, Majestic, Concord, and Passion. I wanted my Maid of Honor to be in her own unique color, and then 2 bridesmaids in each of the remaining colors. All of the girls, except one chose one shoulder dresses that they liked the best. So I asked Chuck's sister if she would mind also going along with a one shoulder instead of the strapless dress and she happily switched. I then assigned colors based on who I thought would look best in each color I chose.

Each bridesmaid wore a purple, one shoulder dress.  My Maid of Honor, Nicole, wore a different one shoulder style in the African Violet color.  The three other colors were represented by two bridesmaids in each color. Then, in each color that was worn the two bridesmaids wore different style dresses. One dress had flowers on the shoulder, and the other was more plain but with some rouching.

 Try explaining this to people for 12 months...haha. I lucked out and got $50 off the dresses if the girls each signed up to receive e-mails from Weddington Way- easy. Also, if they ordered by the end of 2014 they got an additional percentage off...after that the price of the dress jumped back up to normal retail at $225. Everyone ordered their dresses by the end of the year making them $150 and less. WOO-HOO!

The process was pretty simple. The girls had to take their measurements and plug them in on the website. Then, Weddington Way told them which size they should order. I do advise, sizing down. Everyone that ordered in the larger size that the website recommended needed a lot taken off. This is the one thing I wish was stated more in the reviews, but Weddington Way is smart and advises to size up...we all know you can't make a dress bigger, but you can make it smaller. The nice thing was that two of my bridesmaids who were trying to get pregnant ordered pretty big sizes, and they fit. One bridesmaid was 8 months pregnant at my wedding, and another 7 months...and the dresses still looked wonderful on them.

Julie- 8 months pregnant with TWINS & a total trooper!

Bernadette- 7 months pregnant with a baby girl due THIS MONTH.
Seriously, these ladies were such good sports.

As each bridesmaid received their dress I got more and more excited. Some of the girls sent me pictures as time went along, but I literally had not seen all of the dresses together until the day of the wedding. When I walked in to the room and saw them all hanging there while the photographer took pictures I was over the moon happy. I kept saying "Yes, Yes, worked." My crazy ideas came to life, and my bridesmaids were literally the most beautiful vision in purple.

Seriously...I can't get enough. The colors...ahhhh

Each and every one of them were stunning and once those dresses were on I cried. They were perfection...I couldn't stop staring at all of them. The pictures literally still bring me to tears.

I couldn't ask for more...picture perfect day & beautiful friends.

My girls. So blessed with their friendship and support. 

Nicole- Maid of Honor wearing her exclusive color in African Violet.
This cut & style of dress was my favorite- I'm glad I chose her to have a unique look. 

Elisa looking beautiful- she's wearing the color Majestic with the flowered shoulder.

Jessica in the other dress style, also in Majestic looking radiant.

My sister in law Justine wearing Passion & looking super cute

My other sister in law, Jammi and her son, our nephew & ring bearer- Tanner.
I love the color of this dress!

I was very lucky my dream bridesmaid dresses worked out, considering all of the planning happened online. I would definitely recommend Weddington Way and their services to any bride looking for great styles for affordable prices.

Let's end on a silly note....

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I just loved these dresses and couldn't believe the deal we got them for! I hope you are enjoying the wedding recaps as much as I am, it's like I get to re-live part of my wedding day each week with all of you. 

Thank you for your constant love and support friends.

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