November 11, 2015

Getting Wedding Ready // Wedding Wednesday

I have struggled with deciding where to go next with all my wedding posts, because I kind of want to just spill it all out there. I'm not being dramatic when I say, it was the best day ever. I'm sorry if you've already heard that or if it comes out a thousand more times, but it was everything I've ever dreamed of.

I figured I would start with sharing the details of us getting ready along with some advice for any brides to be out there on this particular topic.

Every Bride needs Starbucks!

I have the luxury of working at a full service salon where we offer hair, makeup, eyelashes, and more. I reached out to my bridesmaids early on to see what everyone wanted to do in terms of what services they wanted. Planning early and deciding the "Morning Of" timeline is an important part of the wedding process that you don't want to overlook.

Find a place that has a good reputation and does great work. Check out Google and Yelp reviews, go in for a consultation and talk with the staff, and definitely get a trial run on yourself. Most places will have a portfolio of pictures you can look through and see their work too.

My crew getting pampered at Panache Salon and Spa- Erie, Pa

I had all the bridesmaids come to the salon the morning of the wedding and had bagels, fruit, mimosas and some surprises waiting for them. It was nice to be able to relax, get some food and drinks in us and enjoy the morning together. 

Monogrammed mugs for my girls from Anthropologie

I was so excited for this surprise! Cookies from Selfie Cookie...yes, you can put your pictures on a cookie.

The picture I chose for the cookie from my bridal shower...Cheers!

Some of my beautiful bridesmaids and our niece & flower girl, Cali

Make sure you eat. I got my coffee in me first, duh, but made sure I took time to eat. It wasn't that I was feeling nervous, but I was so excited and buzzing around so I didn't want to sit down and take time away from anything else, but I did. I made sure to eat at least half a bagel and some fruit before indulging in a mimosa...or two. 

I didn't eat anything else of much substance before the wedding...I picked at a little salad, but I was too worried about getting dressed and being ready on time. So, as always, breakfast is important so make sure you take the moment to sit down and eat. 

Also, if pictures are important to you make sure that you request your photographer to come to the venue where you are getting ready. That was a special part to me, it's always nice to have the photo memories of me and my girlfriends having fun, especially the morning of my wedding. 

I strongly suggest having your bridesmaids and any others coming to the salon to be prepared with pictures of how they would like their hair. If they don't have an idea and are open to things then make sure they are specific to what they are willing to do or not do. 

If someone isn't happy with how something is going, such as their hair or make-up, it is okay to speak up. Salons don't mind it, at all...I'm speaking from experience in the business. We would rather everyone be happy with how they look and re-do something rather than someone have a bad experience, especially on someone's wedding day.

I did have a trial run, and luckily my stylist who has been doing my hair for six years is very talented. We collaborated on my look, making some tweaks to the pictures I had for her. I absolutely loved the way my hair turned out and it held up all night too. 

All morning long people kept asking me if it felt real and if I was nervous. It didn't feel real, maybe because I was at my place of employment getting pampered in the salon that I call home 5 days a week and no,  I wasn't nervous at all. 

The moment the veil went in though, I began to tear up and it hit me. I looked in the mirror and saw myself as a bride, it was pretty surreal. These pictures still make me cry...

The moment it all hit me :)

The Bride is ready to go!!

I am glad I started planning early to make sure everything was in order. It saved me a lot of stress the weeks leading up to the wedding and made me feel at ease. 

I'm not sorry for the picture overload, because that's what we really want to see when it comes to weddings anyways...right?! 

Thank you to R. Frank Photography and Heather from Panache Salon and Spa for the perfect pictures. You'll be seeing plenty more in the next wedding post....(hopefully soon)....

To Travel and Beyond

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