November 18, 2015

Bridal Accessories // Wedding Wednesday

I am a huge fan of accessories. I'm known among my friends and co-workers for my big earrings and scarves. Since I wasn't going to be wearing a scarf on my wedding day, you KNOW the earrings had to be good.

Some of my accessories were my "Something's" know the Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed and Something Blue.

Something New & Something Blue

Something New- My garter was purchased at Lola at Panache Salon. It is from Pink Pewter and was so unique. I wanted something that was similar in style and beading to the belt on my gown, and this was perfect.

Something Old & Something Borrowed- A diamond earring of my mom's. My grandmother gave me my mother's jewelry box a few weeks before the wedding and I looked through it trying to search for the perfect piece to add to my day.

Something Old & Something Borrowed

I found a diamond earring and decided to attach it to my bouquet next to the picture of her. Unfortunately I couldn't find the match and it was frustrating. But then I thought, this is kinda funny and totally like me...always missing jewelry and losing it. My mom & I are more alike then I thought.

Something Blue- My underwear from Victoria's Secret. It said "I Said Yes" on the butt and I thought they were a cute pair.

I have previously mentioned some useful wedding websites including Rent the Runway and I actually used them for the first time for the wedding. I had my eye on renting a cute Kate Spade clutch, but I wasn't quick enough. After some time spent scouring the website I found this gem and the bling was just what I needed. It was the perfect complement to my earrings.

Would you believe me if I told you that a whole shopping road trip and day was spent around finding my earrings? ...And then we still didn't find them that day.

I was looking for something big, but not too big. Flashy, but not to upstage my dress. I tried on some that were just too small and I knew I needed bigger. We hit up every store in the Ross Park Mall then tried to find a bridal boutique but got lost. Luckily, my Maid of Honor lives in Pittsburgh and went that week and sent me a bunch of pictures of some earrings she thought I would like.
I found a pair that I loved and ended up not even choosing them in person, and they worked out perfectly.

Getting accessorized

My dress came with a belt that was already on the dress when I purchased it. It was one of the things that made me fall in love with it. I tried to put together pieces and accessories to come together around the belt. 

My favorite part was of course, the shoes. I had to have some killer shoes. I had been looking for a long time and considered a ton of different shoes. I thought I wanted purple ones, then I thought I wanted some type of wedge, but then I found these Badgley Mischka's and HAD to have them.

THE SHOES...obsessed

Bling Bling!

I am still pretty obsessed with them and loved the way they went with my whole look and gown. Chuck didn't want to see them until the wedding day, even though I tried to show him numerous times, and he loved them too so that made me happy. We are shoe fanatics in this house.

I have to share Chuck & Ethan's shoes too, because they had matching ones. Chuck told me early on he wanted to wear Nike's. It wouldn't be our wedding without him in some Nike's so I let it happen. They were actually really cool and patent leather & meant to be worn for special occasions. The Nike Tuxedo kicks were a hit and Ethan loved matching Daddy on our wedding day.

Groom & Son getting ready

The groomsmen got ready at a lake house that we rented for the weekend nearby the resort where we got married. We held our rehearsal dinner there on Friday and the groomsmen met there Saturday morning to get dressed, hang out and get pictures before the ceremony.

Chuck chose bow-ties for his groomsmen to wear and got a special patterned one for him. I loved them and thought they looked great with the grey.

I adore this picture, Ethan is so serious!

Like I mentioned, we are shoe fanatics. It's kind of insane the amount of shoes that are in this house. We took some fun shoe pictures during our engagement shoot  and had to do the same on our wedding day.

Bride & Groom 

Me, Chuck & Ethan #squadgoals

The shoe shots are some of my favorites from the entire day, because I love shoes so much. I wish we would have taken a few more, but our priority was enjoying our entire wedding reception rather than being pulled out for more pictures. 

I recommend searching for your accessories early, because it can take some time to find the perfect things. It can be overwhelming, but is also a lot of fun. I loved every single piece I purchased and rented, and think they all went together so well.

What do you want to hear about next Wedding Wednesday? I can't wait to share more with you. I hope  you aren't bored with these posts, because there's still a lot more to come!

Thank you for all your sweet comments and constant support.

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