October 14, 2015

Pop, Fizz, Clink & Plan: My Bridal Shower Details

This post is just a bit delayed, but as promised, I wanted to showcase the details of my bridal shower. I am a detail queen and loved bringing special handmade elements to life for my day. You can read all about my beautiful winery bridal shower  and re-live the day before you check out all the little touches. The story behind how I chose my bridal shower venue  and tips on the process are also laid out for you.

For most of the paper items I created them using PicMonkey & Canva which was easy and inexpensive. The most time consuming part about it was cutting things out.

The food cards were made in purple and gold, cut out and placed in wine corks. We cut a slit in the cork and placed the paper inside that sat next to each item. It was a good way to incorporate the venue and my colors all in one piece. 

I created both of the games we played based on some that I have seen at other showers. Incorporating both Chuck and I was important to me and a good way for both of us to be a part of the fun. 

If you notice on the second game I repeated a question twice as a result of pure exhaustion. Luckily Chuck caught it and I cut off the bottom of the card to make the game a little shorter. The end product didn't have the X & O's on them due to this, but they still turned out cute. 

I wanted something to put inside of the wine glass favors to explain that it was the actual favor & thank everyone for coming to celebrate with me. I came up with this little "thank you poem" that I cut out and placed inside of each glass. 

Each centerpiece was a bottle of wine with a personalized tag designed by Paperie Off Park on Etsy. The winery had various colored glass bottles they let me use to put next to each wine bottle and I put baby's breath inside of them for an added delicate touch.

I found a template/background on Canva that was purple and gold and used it as the backdrop for my signs. I spray painted picture frames from the dollar store gold and showcased the signs in those. I had signs to welcome guests, advise where to place gifts, words of wisdom station, my wine bottle guest book, cupcakes, food display and drink area. 

. I also scooped up the some of the plates and tableclothes from Party City and a dollar store. I did a little research when trying to locate the wine glasses and it actually turned out that The Dollar Tree online had them the cheapest for less than a dollar a piece...seriously a steal! 

A few shops and sites I used:

The personalized napkins were from Memorable Wedding on Etsy. I highly recommend her shop for the inexpensive price tag and quick shipping. 

I'm sure many of you have heard of the gals from The Sequin Notebook, but did you know that M has her own Etsy shop? The Printable Gal reached out to me and offered to make some adorable straws for my special day. She worked with me to find out my vision, colors I wanted and offered some fun suggestions. I absolutely loved having a piece of one of my blogger friends incorporated in to my bridal shower drinks!

I absolutely loved my fun bridal shower invitations and how they matched the theme of my day. If you're in the market I love these ones too, all from Wedding Paper Divas.  I had a great coupon deal which made them even more awesome. 

The delicious cupcakes were from a local baker, AllieCakes. She didn't tell me until after the fact, but it was the first time making a cupcake dress and she NAILED it. I loved the way it turned out! I chose 2 flavors for the almond and a lemon, both with vanilla frosting. They were SO good.

Some more DIY details:

The wine bottles and large letters were made by yours truly. It's pretty amazing what you can do with spray paint. One bottle I sprayed with gold glitter spray paint and the other with plain gold spray paint that I also used on the frames. I purchased the faux flowers at the dollar store & the small letters for one of the wine bottles at Hobby Lobby.  The large letters were spray painted gold and were from Wal-Mart, but you can find them at pretty much any craft store these days. Pretty and easy decor for only a few dollars!

I also made the flowered "L" and used it again at our wedding. I am so happy with how it turned out and got a lot of compliments on it so that makes it even more special. It's now on display in our dining room and I even made a few more as gifts recently. A DIY post on that will be coming soon.

I had a special spot for my mom at my shower with some of her favorite colored flowers behind a framed picture of her. It was nice to have her there in more ways than one to celebrate along side me. 

We all need a sweet treat, so I made some chocolate covered pretzels adorned in purple and gold. They are so easy to make and gave me another chance to incorporate some color in to my special day.

I made my thank you's with a stamp from The Angels Nook on Etsy and some plain white cards purchased on Amazon. I couldn't find cards I loved enough so I opted to create something and hand make them. The stamp matched the tags on my centerpieces and pretzels and thank-you bags for my hostesses. I love it so looks like an old fashioned wedding dress.

To thank all my hostesses I put together a little something with the help of my friend, shop-owner at Frou Frou & Frill . I wanted something unique and beautiful so I purchased one of my favorite pieces from her shop, the crystal rock cuff for each bridesmaid. I paired it with a fun scented soap for a token of my appreciation. The mom's and my grandmother got a soap and a bottle of wine to enjoy.

It's safe to say everyone liked their gifts which made me very happy. 

The menu was created with the help of one of our best friends and groomsmen, Mike. He is an amazing Chef and graciously made EVERYTHING. I can't tell you how many compliments we received on the food that day. He really wow-ed everyone. We had everything from fresh fruit to bruschetta to pork tenderloin sandwiches. It was perfect for a warm summer day and was so delicious.

Last but not least, I again want to thank my generous bridesmaids, stepmother, mother in law and my grandmother. Without their help and support the day wouldn't have come out just as I wanted. While it may seem that I personally did a lot for this day, that's how I wanted it. I'm kind of a control freak and really LOVE planning events so I took creative reigns on most of this. They gave their input, ideas, help and support every step along the way and financially made the day possible. Looking back on it all, there is not one thing I would change. Everything was seriously a dream, went off without a hitch and was truly perfect. I am seriously one lucky woman!

Thank you for your patience as this recap is LONG overdue, but...  #weddingcraziness. I am so excited to relive the memories with upcoming wedding posts and share more details of the planning and big day. 
I truly appreciate all your kind comments, messages, e-mails and the love you have shown me during this special time. Life is good!!

Have a beautiful day....until tomorrow....


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