September 28, 2015

Guest Post // The Sequin Notebook: How To Select Your Party's Perfect Signature Cocktail

M and B from The Sequin Notebook
Hey Gals! I'm B (that's me in the gold top!), and I blog over at The Sequin Notebook with my best friend M. We hope you'll come over and visit us soon!

When Emelia asked us to guest post today while she's off getting married (congrats, girl!), we immediately knew that we had to write about something festive that would match the celebratory spirit of this special time in her life. Two of our favorite things to blog about (and enjoy in real life) are cocktail recipes and throwing parties, and we are firm believers that adding a refreshing signature cocktail that fits your party's theme is a must for every celebration. We've paired up some of our favorite cocktails with their perfect party matches and hope that it inspires you to jazz up your next party with your own awesome drink!
Cocktail: Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

It's just not Halloween without indulging your sweet tooth, so a creamy, boozy milkshake is our top pick for a spooky soiree! It's the perfect way to get your pumpkin fix and bring some grown-up fun to a favorite childhood treat.

When you're tailgating, you definitely need a thirst-quenching beverage, which is why we like this passionfruit lemonade iced tea. Not only does it pair well with all of your favorite tailgate foods, but it's also easy to make a nice, big batch in a large pitcher for your entire group. Bonus points if you mix up a cocktail that matches your team's colors!

Party: Awards Show

Awards shows are all about glamour and elegance, and it really doesn't get any more elegant than adding a fresh herb sprig to your cocktail. We also like serving a clear cocktail for an awards show party since you don't want to risk spilling anything that will stain your gowns and tuxes!

We like to host a brunch for a housewarming gathering since the natural light allows your home to be displayed beautifully. Since this is a daytime event, we recommend serving a fruit-based cocktail, such as our strawberry mojito. We love the contrast of the bright pink strawberry juice against the pops of mint!

We reserve all of our Christmas cookies for Santa, so we're happy to liquify our holiday dessert in the cocktail-ized form of our favorite seasonal Starbucks beverage, a peppermint mocha latte. This classic Christmas flavor combination of chocolate and mint is the ideal companion for trimming the tree or exchanging gifts with your loved ones.

Party: Bachelorette

When you're hitting the town with all of your best gals, you want a cocktail that's zesty, breezy, and a little bit unexpected...just like you! A key lime pie martini packs a lot of flavor and evokes tropical, fun-filled memories...we love that this one is a lightened up, skinny version of the decadent dessert, so you can have an extra round (or two), practically guilt-free!

Nachos and really can't have one without the other! When celebrating Cinco de Mayo, we love letting our guests customize their own nacho platters, and then providing a frosty margarita to wash it all down. Pick your favorite fruit to mix in (we went with watermelon) and you're all set for a buena noche!

Ok, you may be thinking, "Is a signature cocktail REALLY necessary for a child's 1st birthday party?!" and our answer is...ABSOLUTELY! After all, those parents at the party deserve a treat, too. We like to take a "kid beverage" and put a grown-up spin on this case, we were inspired by apple juice to make an apple cider martini!

We hope this gave you a jumping off point in how to select the perfect cocktail companion for your next party. Thanks again to Emelia for inviting us to guest post today! M and I hope to see you over at The Sequin Notebook soon - you can check us out on any of our social media channels:

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Wow...what amazing cocktails, I want one of each!! Thank you to the gals at The Sequin Notebook for finishing up my week of guest posts. I'm offically a Mrs. now and will be back with all sorts of wedding updates and regular posting very soon.

Thank you for all your love and support through this exciting, beautiful & crazy time in my's been amazing and wouldn't be as great without each of you!

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