September 23, 2015

Guest Post // Hey Kerri Blog: How To Effectively Promote Your Blog

Hey everyone! My name is Kerri and I blog over at Hey Kerri Blog, pretty original title huh? ;) I'm so excited that Emelia is allowing me to guest post during her wedding week. Over at HKB you can find me talking about beauty products, blogging tips and so much more. I tweet way too often, have a hard time trying to decide what picture to Instagram and have a slight obsession with hazelnut coffee and fuchsia lipstick. Today, I thought I would share with you all my three tips to effectively promote your blog!

There are so many great Facebook groups out there to help grow and promote your blog. A few of my favorite are Show Your Blog Love, The Blog Love Project and Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network. If you blog about a certain topic, don't worry because chances are there is a Facebook group dedicated to that as well! Most groups have daily comment threads where you can show posts you would like comments on, tweets you wish to have retweeted or even pins that others can re-pin.

A lot of bloggers seem to be hesitant when it comes to ordering business cards for their blogs because a lot of people don't consider their website a *business*. Get this though, you don't have to be offering a service or product to invest a little and have something to hand out when your blog comes up in a conversation. I'll give you an example on a few ways I incorporate my blogging cards into promotion. I like to include them in the thank-you letters I like to mail to my sponsors, I include them in swap packages and always keep a few in my purse because like I just said, it's amazing how often your blog will come up in a conversation if you're open about it.

Want to get your blog recognized locally? Leaving your blogging card at local cafe's or in a book at the library in a fun idea to get the word out. Perhaps your community has social media events or if you're lucky even blogging meet-ups, bringing them to those gatherings and having a physical card to hand to people when the conversation comes up is great exposure. Feel free to check out this post where I talk discuss more details about my blogging cards and how much money I invest into Hey Kerri Blog.

Can we all please agree that there is nothing worse than pouring your time and effort into a blog post and really feeling good about the outcome, only to have someone comment something along the lines of "Great post, check out my blog"??

I realize that not everyone has the time to sit down and write a paragraph comment for every blog they read but I try to leave at least 3-5 thoughtful comments on different blogs per day. You comment should be authentic and flow with the content of that post. I also try to refrain from pitching any of my own posts in a comment unless I think it's beneficial and actually goes with what that blogger is talking about.

Do you have any tips to help effectively promote your blog? I would love to know! Oh and happy wedding week to the amazing Emelia, wishing yourself, Chuck and Ethan an amazing life :)

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A huge thank you to Kerri for taking over today and sharing these helpful, awesome tips for all of us bloggers! There's more great things to come tomorrow from Anne at Love The Here and Now

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