August 12, 2015

Pop, Fizz, Clink : My Bridal Shower Recap

I am SO excited to share Part 1 of my bridal shower with you today. I have decided to do this in more than one post for a few reasons. I want to highlight the overall shower and show you all the great pictures, but I also want to get in to the details and I think it's too much.

Look forward to the DIY craziness and fun details next week. For now, I bring you to my bridal shower dream come true. Before I begin I must thank my amazing, generous bridesmaids, grandmother, stepmother and mother in law because without their generosity this beautiful day would not be possible.

I talked about choosing your bridal shower venue in this post and mentioned that mine was going to be at a winery. Before Chuck and I were engaged we talked about our future wedding and how we would love to have it at a winery. Like any normal lady, I began searching for a wedding venue only to find wineries typically only hold a maximum of 80 people. While we wanted a small wedding, that was too many people to cut from our guest list.

I originally had my eye on a renovated schoolhouse that just opened for events in our area. It was cute and a quaint little place. Once we started corresponding I realized that it was far out of my budget and not worth it. The next place I looked in to was Courtyard Wineries which is 20 minutes away from our house in wine country- North East, Pa. From the moment I reached out to the owners I knew this was the place. They were so kind, helpful and informative.

Now I bring winery bridal shower held on August 1st.

As you can see it was held outside, and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day. The sun was shining and there were no clouds in sight. Earlier in the week the forecast had a 60% chance of rain and I began to panic. I told my grandmother and friends that by the time my shower started it would be perfect, I knew it.

 A small back story: the morning of my mom's funeral it stormed like crazy. It was dark and dreary while we were in the funeral home and the church. As we made our way to the cemetery the skies cleared up and the skies were full of sunshine and a rainbow. This has since happened a few more times at other family member's funerals or big events in our family. I knew my mom would make the weather just right for my big day. That sunshine was her, and I was so blessed with a warm day that we could all enjoy outside. 

I had no set theme for my shower, other than I wanted to bring in our wedding colors- purple and gold. I had pictures and ideas that I had seen and desired to incorporate, but honestly I was wondering how it would all come together. The end result was better than I ever could have imagined. 

I framed the invitation and had it out as decor because I loved how well it went with the venue. The signs were placed on different tables and were all made by me.

Wine glass favors for each guest with a thank you inside. You may remember this glass from the first time I made them in my DIY drinkware post. I wanted to have something for my guests that they could frequently use, and it tied in with the venue so that made them even more fun!

My Maid of Honor had the great idea of a Words of Wisdom Station. We cut out purple hearts and had everyone write their marriage and love advice on them. I loved reading them and will keep them forever!

I also wanted a guest book and had a few ideas, my final decision was to use a wine bottle from the winery to have everyone sign. 

The flower L was made by me, I was amazed at how easy it was. DIY details to come in a future post.

I framed a few of my favorite pictures from our engagement shoot for some decor also. It's nice to have a piece of us to share at the shower. The E & C letters on the table were spray painted, another easy project. 

The wine bottle also served as another piece of simple decor and was so easy to make. You don't have to spend a ton of money to make a party beautiful. 

The winery did wine tastings and the guests were able to enjoy glasses of wine, but I also wanted some other options for beverages. As you may have read yesterday, I had a delicious summer sangria and also an an infused strawberry, lemon & basil water. The sangria was a HUGE hit and the coordinator from the winery asked for the recipe because he was impressed on how much everyone loved it.

We played a few games to begin, and then did wine tastings and ate. Fun, customized party straws from The Printable Gal on Etsy. 

The centerpieces doubled as favors. The wine bottles were from the winery and were decorated with  a tag and ribbon. The other part of the centerpiece was provided on behalf of the winery and were colored glass bottles. I filled them with baby breath and the whole centerpiece pulled together nicely.
As we played games the winners got tickets to enter for baskets made by my bridesmaids & family. They also got tickets just for coming, woo-hoo! Everyone had a chance to win so that made it fun. One bridal bingo card per table was marked on the back and that person got to take home the bottle of wine from the table. 

If you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with cupcakes. My baker made these amazing cupcakes in the form of a wedding dress and I was thrilled with how they came out. Some were almond, and the others were lemon and all of them had vanilla frosting. She even decorated some of the others in our wedding colors...too cute!

I could eat her cupcakes every day of my life. They are so good. They paired well with the menu which was provided by one of our groomsman & best friends. He is a chef and graciously came to cater the shower. Everything was delicious and the guests raved about everything. 

We played Bridal Bingo while I opened gifts. I highly recommend anyone to do this, as it gives the guests something to do while you're sitting up there. 

On the table behind me I had a picture out of my mom with some of her favorite colored flowers behind it. She most certainly was with me in spirit, but I wanted her to have a special presence at my shower too. It was a simple, nice way to incorporate her in to my day. 

We wrapped up with some pictures and mingling with one another. The day still brings me to tears just looking at these pictures and cherishing the memories made. Chuck and I are so incredibly blessed with these amazing people in our lives. I was showered with so much love, well wishes, hugs, gifts and friendship. 

My dream of a beautiful day at a winery with touches of purple, gold, and love came to life. I wanted my guests to feel special, spoiled and enjoy themselves. I think it was a success, and I learned that I love planning and hosting events more than I thought. It was such a fun day!

Pop, Fizz, Clink...cheers to a beautiful day!! Next week I will recap all the details and show you how you can party on a budget. 

Until tomorrow friends, XO!!

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