July 9, 2015

DIY Coconut Coffee Face Mask

What woman doesn't love taking care of herself? *hand raised* Being a female can be expensive, so I like to find ways to treat myself and stick to a budget.

Some of my favorite DIY projects include homemade scrubs. You can find my Coffee Lip Scrub here, and read about how to make my Sugar Lip Scrub here & my favorite body exfoliant, the Baby Soft Sprinkled Sugar here.

Face masks are great to use periodically to treat your skin and bring it back to life. 

You will need:
2 tablespoons room temperature coconut oil
2 tablespoons coffee grounds

To make:
Mix the coconut oil in a small bowl alone until it's smooth in texture, like frosting
Add in the coffee grounds and continue to mix until combined
Rub on your face in circular motions
Leave on for 10-15 minutes & then rinse off

 I love trying out face masks from different places. Some of my favorite ones are Cupcake from Lush which is great for oily skin, Glamglow Supermud from Sephora because I love how it pulls out the impurities from my skin and the Clariflying Clay from Skinceuticals which has done wonders for my often problematic skin. 
It's nice to have some at home options also which is why I chose to try the coconut coffee one. 

I chose to make one with coffee because I have read that many beauty companies are using caffeine to to help brighten & tighten your most beautiful features. Coffee helps gently exfoliate the dead skin and leave it smooth without irritation.
Coconut oil is great for softening your skin, breaking down dead cells, and hydrating your skin. 
This mask will leave you feeling refreshed and your face smelling great. Treat yourself and enjoy this one soon, just don't eat it. 

What's your favorite beauty DIY?


  1. Two of my favorite things, coffee and coconut!! Love it!! And I agree when Christine down there I bet it smells amazing!

  2. I've never tried anything with coconut oil before but I would like to! So many different uses for it!

  3. I agree with @Melissa The Llama two of my favorite items here! Can't wait to try this out :)

  4. I'm posting a hair mask next month. I've also heard coffee grounds help with cellulite and people putting it on their legs and butt :)

  5. I've always wanted to do a coffee mask - thanks for sharing!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I am going to do this tonight. I love face masks and these are two of my favorite things!

  7. It is amazing, and obviously smells SO good ;) hehe

  8. Did you try it out? I saw you tweet about it! Let me know what you thought Lindsay :)

  9. Let me know what you think after you do, I would love to hear!

  10. OOOOh, a hair mask, I can't wait to hear about that. I have heard the same thing, there's some scrubs out there that I have seen on IG!

  11. YAY! Let me know if you do Kerri, I can't wait to hear what you think!

  12. There sure are SO many uses Julia, I couldn't believe it when I began to read about all the different things you can do.

  13. I LOVE coconut too, Chuck isn't a fan but I think it smells so good. The combination of these 2 is straight perfection ;)

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