April 1, 2015

Easter Basket Gift Guides

It's Easter week, so that means time to stock up the goodies for the baskets. If you live by my rules, everyone gets a basket full of treats. Check out my Easter Basket Gift Guides stocked with ideas for kids of any age....

Easter Gift Guide

Forever 21 crop shirt

Eos lip treatment

Essie nail polish

Forever 21 bags case

I could always use some lip gloss goodies and a bright, fun purple nail polish. Gimmie a new cute bag to put it all in and I'm set. Cowabunga, it's turtle time...TMNT forever in a sweet new shirt.

Now, for the littles. I love getting gifts out of the ordinary when it comes to Easter. Making the baskets cute and practical are what I aim for.

Easter Gift Guide for the Litles

Accessorize beauty product

Cat brush
$12 -

PEZ Easter Candy Dispenser

River Island Boys mixed Marvel comics socks pack
$8.91 -

Little girls love beauty items, so some cute chapstick and a fun brush are must have's. Pip Squeak scented markers and some activity books to doodle in are great for creativity at any age. Some building for the boys, along with some superhero fashion make every day after Easter awesome.

And's a sneak peek of some baskets I made up for my peeps...see what I did there?!

Turtle Power Fun for Ethan's little brother

Cowabunga Dude!!
Our niece loves Hello Kitty...could you tell?!
Ponies, Princesses and more for our other niece
Little goodies for Ethan's teen cousin and his mom
Girlie goodies packed inside for the ladies in Ethan's life

I found a great amount of things in the dollar bins at Target which is always awesome. I picked up things here and there as I found them at the grocery store, the mall, and work. I like to stick with a theme if I can because it makes things even more fun for me. 

What do you have planned for your Easter baskets this year?


  1. The Sequin NotebookApril 1, 2015 at 8:55 AM

    I still get an Easter basket from my parents every year and I love it, haha. Such cute ideas here...nail polish is always welcome, and my brother was obsessed with the Turtles when we were kids so I'm happy to see they are popular again!

  2. Such cute ideas!! My little sister is at the age now that I can fill her basket with girly items like lipgloss and hair ties and I'm so freaking exciting to put it together for her!

    Also, peeps on a stick? I want one!! lol

  3. These are great ideas! I want to make one for my cousin. Love the ideas for the boys too.

  4. Christina SotherdenApril 1, 2015 at 9:22 AM

    Cannot go wrong with those peeps! Peeps have got to be in an Easter basket!!

  5. Peeps.. always peeps! Even if you don't like them, they're just too cute not to buy! And I'd always be happy with some Essie nail polish and EOS lip balm :-D

  6. I'm loving the first one especially... send your Easter Bunny over my way when he leaves your house! ;)

  7. I wish I still got an easter basket... hahaha

  8. My mom still does Easter baskets for us... And I'm almost 30! I love your fun, colorful ideas. Feel free to stop by my house. ;)

  9. that makeup bag is so cute!!! and i wouldn't turn down lipstick that's for sure. I think i'm only recieving mini eggs this year, which I am 100% not complaining about haha.

  10. Legos would for sure have to be in the basket!!

  11. LOVE the baskets you put together. Those are so fun. We have my little pony stuff for Ainsley and Batman stuff for Zander this year. :)

  12. These baskets are so cute! I definitely agree that eos lip balm is PERFECT for them. I also wish they had cool character socks in my size.

  13. Thank you Kati! I have been finding AWESOME socks at Forever21 for $1...I got some sushi rolls, roller skates, and cupcake ones..HA!

  14. Thank you Melissa, I LOVE Easter! Those baskets sound FUN!

  15. Ethan is getting some for sure ;) I made a trip to the Lego store last weekend to be sure the bunny brought some good stuff!

  16. Any goodies work for me ;) I LOVE chocolate, haha! Thanks for stopping by Janet :)

  17. YES! Your mom ROCKS! What's your address? I'll hop on by for sure ;)

  18. Me too too. I'm my own bunny...HA!

  19. I'll hop on by any day!! I LOVE Easter, ahhhh SO excited!

  20. Can't go wrong with PEEPS girl, that's for sure! I hope my nieces love their girlie goodies!

  21. PEEPS all day, every day! They keep coming out with new flavors and colors which makes me really happy :) Thanks for reading Christina!

  22. Thank you Carissa! I love making them, Easter is the best!

  23. YES! Peeps on a STICK! So awesome!
    Yay for girly baskets and cute things...she will love it I'm sure!

  24. Your parents are GREAT! Cowabunga forever! hahaah...thanks for stopping by gals!