March 5, 2015

You Are Beautiful // Love Your Self-ie

Selfies, we've all done one. Or two, or made a whole album of them...well maybe that was just Kim Kardashian.

When I take one, it's usually because I feel good. Is that so wrong?

I come across selfies all day across social media. Whether people are showing off their latest outfit, hairstyle or simply sharing a's out there for everyone to see.

Selfies usually seem to get some negative connotations associated with them. I don't take selfies because I'm vain, conceited, or because I think I'm a superstar. I like to share what I'm feeling with others.
 I don't take selfies when I'm pissed off or crying, therefore I'm not spreading negativity. I take them when I'm happy, feeling silly, goofing off, or want to document a happy occasion.

We should encourage each other to smile and pass it along. Share your selife and show the world to see! We are all beautiful. Don't feel ashamed taking a picture of yourself.

Don't get me wrong, it's a little overwhelming to see 15 of the same person in a row, but to each their own, right?! I would much rather see a smiling person come across my Instagram rather than read someone complaining about life on my Facebook feed. I'll take the good over the bad any day.

We are all beautiful. Share that beauty and your self-ie.

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You Are Beautiful


  1. I think my sister and her friends are the queens of selfies - I scroll through her instagram and that is all I see...selfie after selfie after selfie.

  2. When people bash on selfies I get really upset. Yes there is a narcissistic line like Kim K, but for many of us I think it's a self esteem booster because we feel good when we take selfies. How many of us hate how we look on film? Many! But for some reason we take and show off our selfies because we like it and I think that is powerful.

  3. you're gorgeous! I agree. everyone does tend to post selfies when they're happy! what a great reminder. great post!

  4. Selfies don't have to be narcissistic at all, they can be a great confidence boost!

  5. This is definitely a good take on the selfie issue, however, I'm not sure all people have your take. I enjoy people's faces on my insta feed, but also like when people mix it up as well. Not to mention your eye color is so stunning against your hair. I've (obviously) seen pictures of you before, but in those "selfies" above your eyes really stand out. I guess it was a good thing you took them. ;)

  6. Yes, all of the everyday selfies are a bit overwhelming! You're too sweet Mary, thank you for the sweet comments :) XO!

  7. You're TOO kind...thank you Melissa :) Seflies aren't always bad ;) Thank you for reading and your kind comments!

  8. Exactly Kati! I'm not very photogenic at all so when I take a selfie and get enough confidence to post it I must be really happy. Self confidence is an amazing thing :)

  9. haha, a lot of people post nothing but that...which can be overwhelming. I think smiling faces are much better than negativity though! Thanks for reading Ashley.