March 6, 2015

Vegas Vacation Fashion

You may or may not have heard...but next month I am headed to LAS VEGAS with Chuck and a few of our best friends. Some people stress about packing, but for me it's half the fun choosing outfits and accessories for when I hit the town.

Let's Pack for Vegas...B**ch

Swimsuit top

Accessorize bangle bracelet

Smith & Cult Birdie Num Num

Expected temperatures in Vegas mid-April range in the 80 degree area...I can't wait for some fun in the sun. Today I'm excited to share some of my Vegas Vacation Fashion.

First and foremost, I'll need some shades to hit the strip to take on the sunshine, and the potential hangover. These Ray-Bans are my favorite color, I love the green.

A cute hat to protect my hair and skin from the hot desert sun....check! I have really come to love hats of all kinds in the past few years and enjoy adding new ones to my collection.

Smith & Cult nail polish is my absolute favorite as of late. This blue hue is perfection and the names are too cool...Birdie Num Num screams spring, bring it on! can never have enough. Layer them, stack them up, put 'em on each wrist. The colors in this stack are amazing and a must have for spicing up an outfit.

The Triangl bikini's are really popular this year, and Chuck loves this design. I'm not so sure if I'll be in bikini body mode by next month, but this will be a definite purchase for our honeymoon.

Last but not least, the Turning Up Is My Cardio from Victoria's Secret is EVERYTHING. Does this say Las Vegas or what?!?  Their witty tops get me every single time, and this one is perfect for hanging by the pool or sightseeing and sipping drinks on the Strip.

I can't wait to escape this snow and have some fun in Las Vegas and see my girl Britney Spears! 

Have you been to Vegas, and what would you add to your suitcase for your trip?


  1. the witty tops at VS get me every time too! I want the one that says "where my beaches at?" because, obviously.

  2. Such cute picks! I am loving all of the colors in this post, so Springy and fun! LOVE that bikini, too adorable! I was trying on my swimsuits the other night in anticipation of being able to wear them!

  3. Thanks Julia, I can't WAIT for Spring! Bring on the sunshine!