December 8, 2014

Gift Guide//Cozy Christmas Jammies

I'm a fan of anything labeled "cozy" year round, but especially during the Christmas season. There is nothing better than sitting on the couch sipping on some hot chocolate in front of your beautifully decorated tree in some cozy Christmas jammies.

I have made it an unwritten tradition to get us all some new ones each year on Christmas Eve so that we can be nice and cute and comfortable on Christmas morning opening presents around the tree. They also make for some cute pictures, so who am I to stop my crazy shenanigans?!

I compiled a gift guide of some affordable and cute Christmas jammies for women that I have my eye on this season. I own a few items from Aerie's sleepwear line and have deemed them most comfortable for the right price.

There are some really cute sets out there this year, that I wouldn't mind receiving, hint hint Santa.

Happy Shopping ... from your couch in your cozy Christmas jammies!!

Cozy Christmas Jammies

Aerie pajamas


Christmas pyjamas

Christmas pyjamas
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  1. oh I need that griswold family christmas t-shirt in my life like yesterday.

  2. I love Christmas pajamas!! It's kind of a tradition that we get new ones on Christmas Eve. :)

  3. I love doing that :) something about new Christmas PJ's!

  4. Yeah you do girl! So many fun options for Christmas attire...even pajamas, haha!