December 9, 2014

Christmas Apps You Need This Season

Isn't it crazy the way Christmas has changed from when we were children? It's evolved in so many areas that I never thought possible. 

I remember shopping for gifts at my Santa's workshop at school with a list in hand and maybe $5 in the other. These days gifts for Grandma involve scouring Pinterest for the coolest DIY you can find. 
And who knew there would come a time when you would need coupons for Christmas because the cost has risen so much that you praise the stores that offer deals and rebates?

I also recall my only connection to Santa growing up was the letter or list I wrote him of my wishes, seeing him at the mall, and leaving him treats on Christmas Eve in hopes I would wake up to some sweet gifts.

2014 is taking Christmas by storm with all the new apps available to make the holiday more affordable, fun, magical and a little more practical. I now introduce to you the 6 Apps you must have this holiday season.

I found out about Ebates after Christmas last year and I absolutely love this app. It's genius. Search for a store through Ebates, and earn a percentage back on places you shop. Right now Nike is offering 12% back on your purchase and their are certain stores that do Double Cash Back on certain days. The other thing I really like about Ebates is that their are SO many places to earn money: Amazon, Groupon, M&M's Shop, etc... The money adds up in your Ebates account and they pay you every 3 months through a method of your choice. 

Christmas List
This is a new one for me but I'm a list lover so this app has made it's way to the top. You can set a budget in Christmas List, add people from your contact list with a budget per person to help you stay on track with your shopping. The best part is that you can see keep an eye on your progress of purchased, wrapped, and even shipped gifts. The most necessary lists all in one place. Usually throughout the season I go through several paper lists...crossing out, re-writing, losing one and starting all over, but not this's all in my Christmas List.

I have used Shutterfly for years and have always appreciated their great offers.  From my phone camera roll I upload pictures to my Shutterfly account and can then use those pictures to make some memorable gifts. Over the past few years I have made a calendar, a blanket, a phone case and some other really cute things that people have loved. My favorite thing about the Shutterfly is their Special Offers which are always amazing deals. Just in the past few months I have been able to get a mug, a few photo magnets and a mouse pad all for FREE thanks to the Special Offer of the week. You can't top a great personalized gift for Christmas!

Throughout the year NORAD counts down to the days until you can begin tracking the big jolly guy in red. Santa is tracked by radar, satellites, and the SantaCam. You can watch his exciting path all throughout the world and make sure the little ones get to bed on Christmas Eve so they are not awake by the time Santa should be at your house. The visuals and path are so detailed which make it so fun, even for us adults. It is a must have, especially on Christmas Eve!!

We have used ReindeerCam for about three years and we still love it. ReindeerCam is Santa's official reindeer live feed straight from The North Pole. The reindeer are stationed outside of the Elves' Workshop and you can watch them sleep, eat, and relax any time of the day. Notifications pop up when Santa may come out to feed his reindeer so that you can catch a glimpse of the magical man. I don't know where these reindeer truly are or what the story is, but it is totally believable. I feel like a kid getting excited over these apps, especially this one.

Target has done it again, duh. They never cease to amaze me with all they have to offer and this time it's in savings right from your cell phone. I had the app for quite a while before I got in the hang of using it simply because I didn't know how. Since I took the time to learn I never go without it. Sometimes I search the current offers to see if there's something I may not immediately need, but can get a good deal on at the time. Most of the time I have my usual list of necessites and quickly scan each barcode with the app to see if there is an offer for the item. Since using it in June I have saved over $80...not too bad. It's a no brainer to always have this handy, especially during this time of the year. I scored big one day when they offered 25% all things Christmas in their Holiday section for one day only with Cartwheel...awesome!

Now it's your turn...tell me which apps you are loving for Christmas!!


  1. The Sequin NotebookDecember 9, 2014 at 7:28 AM

    Fantastic tips! I love Ebates too - have you ever tried Shop at Home? Same concept, but sometimes their percentages back are higher than Ebates so I always check them both!

  2. Ok, the reindeer cam one is adorable! What a cute idea! I love Cartwheel, such a great feeling when you find something you need on there and it's 10% off!

  3. Ebates is a must! i've haven't heard of most of the other apps. Reindeer Cam sounds very cool!!

  4. Check them out for sure...they are great ones. I love Ebates and am so happy I found it!

  5. Reindeer Cam is my favorite!!! I also love finding amazing Cartwheel deals..>Target owns me!

  6. Thank you! I have never heard of Shop at Home but will for sure check that out. Thanks so much for the info!