October 18, 2019

Friday Favorites: Links + Loves

Helloooooooooooo Friday! So happy to see's been a busy week.

We did lots of celebrating between Chuck and Bella's birthdays, and add in  a few late nights at work for events and I am whooped! We don't have anything on the schedule for this weekend, so it will be a go with the flow and enjoy things as they come type of few days, and that works for me. I hope to knock a few things off my Fall Bucket List, I'm in the midst of reading a fall book (not loving it) and maybe pick some apples!

Here's some favorites from this past week-
Ashley shared this DELICIOUS fall harvest punch, perfect for a get together or nice chilly weekend. Sounds absolutely yummy-I'm pinning it for future use!

I can't deal with how incredibly talented Cara is with makeup, just look at this melted ice-cream Halloween look she created. It's so fun, bright and cheery!

Erica shared a round up of affordable blazers, and you know I'm ordering the leopard detailed one- a fun change up from the traditional looks. I highly recommend a pop of color, anytime I wear my pink blazer I always get a bunch of compliments!

I'm in need of more breakfast ideas, sometimes I make the same things over and over and get tired of them and don't want to eat them for weeks- LOL. Going to try out this recipe for baked oatmeal bars and see how they are! 

I''ll leave you with a giggle...this statement below is the absolute terms of family pictures, selfies with your partner or with a pet  and allllll the bribery too ;)

Have a great weekend- what are you up to!? Any funny things to share?

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