October 11, 2019

Friday Favorites: Links + Loves

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe it's already the weekend, but I for one am NOT mad about it.

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash
We have a birthday party for one of Bella's friends at the pumpkin patch tomorrow, and game night with friends tonight- it's bound to be a good weekend! I think my new Friday routine will be sharing some good links of things I've read or enjoyed from the week and what I'm loving.

For Bella's birthday we created an Amazon wish list, but also suggested some experience based things she would enjoy. I'm very happy and know she will love the upcoming visits to the trampoline park, painting and music classes along with other fun. I am going to try to do this for other little ones for Christmas and birthday's- I'm all about experiences over things!

Andrea shared some of her favorite Fall Amazon purchases thus far, and there are some REALLY great ones in this post!

Speaking of Amazon, I ordered this sink organizer last week and it's made me so happy. I'm a clean and organizational freak, so having literally everything orderly makes my heart pitter patter. 

Becca talked about her daughter having an eye patch and explained how it's not a big deal, no questions needed! Love the honesty and insight!

I've followed Brianne for a while now, she has the CUTEST boutique in an adorable town outside of Pittsburgh. Bri shares delicious recipes and drinks from time to time, and just this week posted a story about this easy side dish she made and I was legit drooooooling. So yummy, mushrooms, onions and some dressings- check her recipes highlights to see it!

If you missed Monday's post, I shared all about Bella's birthday party- Welcome to Chick-Fil-A!! It was such a fun theme to pull together and there's lots of fun pictures in the post, check it out! One of my friends says she hopes it goes viral on Pinterest, but I would take a Chick-Fil-A sponsorship too ;) haha!!

Hope you have the best weekend, enjoy this Fall weather. Xo!

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