October 14, 2019

Charlie Chat: Birthday Edition

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was great, it really felt like Fall and I  loved every second of it.

Today is a special day, not only are we doing a Charlie Chat, BUT it's CHARLIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! I had the idea to ask some birthday questions, so let's get to it. 
In case you's how this works: 
I ask some questions, and Charlie-my husband, also known as Chuck, the Instagram husband and blog's biggest supporter answers them. I  heard that answering Charlie Chat questions on the blog is one of his favorite pastimes.
My questions are in bold italics, Charlie's answers follow and my commentary, if any, is after the *asterisk.

What is your favorite gift ever received? Based on the timing of this survey invitation, I would assume you mean birthday present. Birthdays were never a HUGE deal growing up. With mine in October, my sister and mom's in November and my other sister's in January, everything kinda got grouped into Christmas. Once I met you and got introduced to the term "birthday month" that all changed. I'm getting off you have a character limit on this site? Best present, best present...I'm gonna go with my birthday buddy, Bella Charles. Even though my 38th birthday was one of the most afterthought events of the last millennium, I wouldn't trade that little girl for an Xbox or tickets to see Elton John next week in Pittsburgh.
*Ooops, already off to a crazy start since I  can't ask questions properly. Anyone know where I  can find some Elton tickets today?

What was the best birthday you ever had? Best birthday so far would have to be a tie between my dirty 30 and 37. For my dirty 30, you flew literally every person I have ever met to Erie for the weekend for a surprise party. Literally everyone. Grade school pastors, middle school girlfriends, high school was that even possible? Shout out to 8th grade Billy who made the trip from Davenport. 37 was special for another reason...I had just gone through one of the hardest ordeals of my life and I damn sure wasn't trying to spend my birthday in intensive care, hooked up to machines getting walked to the bathroom. So I did what any overweight, ruggedly handsome fella would do, I kicked the grim reaper's ass and said, "Not today, Satan."
*I  kinda forgot about 30, that was fun...but there were no pastors, or a Billy...are you drinking already Charlie??? 

What is your favorite childhood memory of a birthday? School birthday parties. Legit, I don't know how many people hooked up between the Steelers 1979 Super Bowl victory and Valentine's Day but holy cow did Conneaut, Ohio have some kids with October birthdays. To have been a dentist in about raking cash. Almost every day there was a party for someone. And this is before that peanut allergy nonsense. Kids were bringing straight cane sugar cookies. Get you some of that!
*I  have no words. None.

Do you make birthday wishes when you blow out the candles? Probably. I don't remember what I had for lunch on Friday though, so I don't have too much for ya here.

What is your dream birthday? Okay, Stevie Nicks serenades me with her rendition of Happy Birthday Mr President to wake me up. Summerhouse opens up for one last day to cook and deliver me breakfast. Then I smoke a huge Cuban cigar while listening to records. Oh, no work today obviously. It's a nice fall day, so I take a spin with the windows down and the system up. Oh I gotta be back by 5 though cause I'm trying to beat the drunkards at Chopstix. Oh, I'd like to do the Da Vinci Code tour through London, Paris and Rome too...maybe 41?
*Shit,I I better get to work for next year...lolz. 

What is your favorite birthday meal? Chopstix if I have to leave, beef tips over noodles if you're cooking. Sorry, nothing witty here...I don't play when it comes to my food.
*This dude...OMG. But good thing one of those things are happening tonight.

What is your most memorable birthday? Dirty 30 for sure but 19 was a pretty close second. I was a freshman at Bobby Mo and my x-ray tech girls and Dallas went hard...pretty cool for only knowing them for like 6 weeks. We went to dinner, a movie and then watched airplanes. Not bad for my first birthday away from home with some kids I just met.

Any advice to share now that you're celebrating another year? Live like your last birthday might be your last birthday. Don't sweat the little stuff and go hard because you only get one go round.
*That's some good ole Charlie advice.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy birthday month to answer these questions and entertaining us today Charlie! Happiest birthday to the best guy I've ever known and am lucky enough to call my husband- our life is way more fun because of you!
Thanks for reading, have a great day everyone :)

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