October 16, 2019

A Letter To Bella On Her 2nd Birthday

Today, our sweet angel Bella Charles, turns 2. It's hard to believe another year has come and gone- again a reminder to cherish every single day.

I wrote her a letter for her second birthday, and as in the past, wanted to share it. 
My sweet Bella Charles,
What a year it has been! I think time flew faster from 1 to 2 years old than it did from the minute you were born. You have grown SO much and it's truly amazing to see the change from the 4 lb, 12 oz. miracle you were born to be in to the tall, fast, and lively toddler you are now.
I always knew you would be strong, but, my oh my how you prove it all the time. From dislocating your arm at gymnastics ( a few times) to knowing what you want and sticking to it- you are one tough cookie and that makes me so proud. I hope that you continue to be headstrong and fearless- you will change the world!
It's so amazing to be loved by you- you don't care if I am just rolling out of bed on the weekend or crying with anxiety- you love me hard. You went from calling me mama to MOM! and you say it with such certainty and love that it melts my heart. To know that you love me exactly how I am each and every day really is beautiful. Year one you changed me and made my world so much brighter, and in year two you've given me so much confidence. Confidence that I'm meant to be a Mom, confidence that I'm doing more than okay at this role and confidence that the world is a great place. You see every day with those big blue eyes and love it more than the last, and that will get you far in life.
You've learned so many new words, fun things and seen exciting places this second year and I while I know that you won't remember every detail, or any of it at all I hope that you feel in your heart the love that we have for you in watching you take in every stage. 
We've ditched the high chair, helped you add several new words to your vocabulary, watched you fall in love with your babies that you take care of so well, and taken you to several new playgrounds because all you want to do is be outside. You've pushed us as parents, made your brother love you even more than before (he talks all the time about how cool you are) and made our family complete.
I say it often, but it doesn't mean any less- I am SO thankful to be your Mommy. I look forward to our snuggles in bed- when you tap the pillow and pull me to lay down next to you, when you brush my hair and squeeze my face giggling, and when you share your snacks with me- I know that's love because you don't turn down food ;)
Bella Charles, you are our miracle. You are the light in my days and the girl attached to my hip- I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm so happy to watch you take on another year in this world. Continue to be brave, keep smiling and giggling and being your silly self-we all need more of that in our lives. 
Happy Birthday my Angel. 
You changed my life the day you were born and continue to bless me with love every single day-thank you for being wonderful you. I love you!
two year pictures!

a look back to last year!

sweet newborn snuggles!

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