October 30, 2019

2 Years With Bella Charles

Two weeks ago today, Bella Charles turned two. I shared a letter to her on her birthday here, but also wanted to give an update on what she's in to...just as I did month by month as she grew. 
I shared an update at 18 and 21 months as well, and will do this from time to time since it's fun to keep track and note what she's up to! I also decided to share her 2 year pictures we had done earlier this month for her birthday and some updated family pictures. Ethan was a little hesitant to take more than just family pictures, but the minute they sat down together I teared up- they are just so cute and I can't believe how quickly our babies are growing!

Loves: This is nothing new, but she LOVES her big brother Ethan. Their bond and relationship is so special to watch. He always makes time for her, loves to make her laugh and she lights up the minute he walks upstairs from his room. Bella lives to be outside- she loves running, playing with her water table, the playground, swinging and sliding, kicking a soccer ball and I have a feeling Winter is going to be a little rough. I'm not sure if she will enjoy the snow, but I know it's a lot of work to get the little ones all bundled up for a few minutes of fun, but we will see! I am picturing many visits to the museum and other fun places to keep Bella busy soon. Bella enjoys coloring and can say "color' pretty well and loves to sit at the kitchen stools and be artistic! She LOVES her babies, her Cabbage Patch dolls and now has 9 of them-they go from room to room with them and she kisses them, hugs them, feeds them and gives them a pacifier too- lol.

Not a Fan Of: Bella cries when it rains and she can't play outside. She has become a bit more clingy the past few months, so when she's in an unfamiliar situation or we are visiting someone she hasn't seen in a while she grips on to me and is a bit hesitant. She has learned the word no ;) which is OH SO FUN! and says it even when she means yes, LOL. But overall, minus the few toddler tantrums she has for who knows what, she's pretty easy going.

Sleeping: Knock on wood, no sleep regression or teething lately. I can't remember the last time Bella had to come in to our bed and after writing this I may regret saying that. Actually, the night before her birthday I was so tempted to go get her from her crib and snuggle her to sleep. She naps well still, usually just one long one per day around 11 am and sleeps great too. We pushed her bedtime back a bit earlier since she was a little sleepy still in the mornings and it has helped, although the nights at home sometimes seem so short!

Eating: Bella will try anything and I've learned how unpredictable toddlers can be. Some days she eats as much as Ethan and other days she picks at her plate. She's not the biggest fan of some textures like ground beef, but LOVES sauces...ketchup, Chick-Fil-A sauce, BBQ..she loves dipping! I try and sneak some new things in here and there to see if she will eat them, and most of the time she will, but other times she isn't in the mood. She eats really well overall and still drinks her milk 3 times a day in addition to meals and snacks.

Stats: We had her 2 year check up last Friday and Bella is 26 lbs and 13 oz- in the 52nd percentile and 3 feet, 1 inch tall in the 94th percentile! The doctor was very pleased with her progress and she is steadily growing. Hard to believe where she came from compared to where she is now! She won't have another check up until she's 3...crazy to think.

Bella has learned how to: do wheels on the bus, sing along, touch her head, shoulders, knees and toes, jump (which is one of her favorite things to do- she randomly just jumps around the house), blow kisses- it's the CUTEST thing and she will say byeeeee in the cutest voice that has a little twang to it and blow you a kiss! She says a lot of new words and is learning new ones all the time, it's difficult to figure out sometimes but super cute once we do. Bella loves doing puzzles and it's wonderful to watch her learn how to put things in the place they go and if it doesn't match up she says, "no, no no!"...and once she completes the whole thing she throws her arms up and squeals, "yay!". Just this past weekend she started saying light and fishies (she loves to walk to the big fish tank when visiting my Gram at the nursing home). I have to keep better notes since it's so long between updates, but she seems to be learning new things and growing up with each passing week!

What else Bella has been up to since our last update: Bella enjoyed her first visit to Chuck E. Cheese with Mommy and Daddy one random night when I wanted their pizza- she had so much fun playing games and winning prizes, we've been to the pumpkin patch a few times and a fall festival too! Bella attended her first birthday party for a friend-they actually share the same birthday, just 365 days apart! My brother and sister-in-law gifted Bella some Build A Bear gift cards so we went recently and holy cow- the cuteness! She took quite a while choosing her animal, but ended up picking a very fun kitty with cupcake scent inside who meows. She didn't want ANY clothes for her, but picked out the stroller and pushed her around the mall as we left. She loves it so much and enjoys pushing her animal around the house :) A great idea for an "experience" type of gift that she really loved! We started music class again and Bella loves playing with the instruments, running under the parachute and the bubbles at the end of class- if you have a Kindermusik class in your area and are looking for something to do with your little ones, I highly recommend it! Actually, my Dad and Stepmom gifted Bella her most recent session of classes- another idea for an experience gift list! We celebrated her birthday with a party, dinner with friends on her actual birthday and she was so spoiled with love and memories with family and friends. It's been a fun end of Summer and start of Fall and we're looking forward to another busy season with our girl Bella!

Thanks so much for reading and keeping up with our little babe, it's so fun to watch all the changes!
All images by Abbey Lynn Photography.

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